TheRealReal – Love Your Secondhand Fashion

The RealReal is a luxury consignment store in SoHo, Manhattan, as well as an app to buy second hand clothes online. Putting luxury and consignment together was never a thing until The RealReal came into the fashion world. In the consignment finding a fashion forward piece of clothing isn’t easy, but The RealReal makes it just a little bit better. They also give you the ability to stop thinking about the former lives of the clothes and only about the future you could have with them.

On their Instagram it’s clear to see they are all about photographing their clothes in the best light possible. They have beautiful pictures of their bags with fantastic quotes like “What’s your perfect summer bag?” along with a tag for the brand of the bag. Every photo is taken with expert skill to show off the best of the clothes and hide anything that might be off putting.

In between the pictures of The RealReal’s products, you will find inspirational pictures, quotes, and even some short videos to advertise their products as well. Some of their photos show off sites from around the city to give you a realistic view of how these clothes and products would look in real life settings.

The RealReal even goes the extra mile to make sure you know they are more than just a company. There are actual living people behind the screen making all these posts and running the company. On Mother’s Day this year, The RealReal posted a beautiful montage of all the mothers behind The RealReal’s company, and wished them a very happy mother’s day.

This sort of behavior online gives the company a very friendly and comforting view and lets it’s customers know that they can be trusted. That their beautiful product, of course.