The Work of Alex Hern

Alex Hern is the founder and CEO of Tsunami XR, a company that is a leader in immersive software and content solutions. His tech company is responsible for delivering 3D and augmented reality solutions that are useful in the workplace. Alex Hern has built his impressive career as an entrepreneur. He is responsible for helping to start Inktomi a company that provides software for major companies like Walmart and Ebay.

Alex Hern would go on to start Tsunami in 2011. The company has become very successful providing 3D and virtual reality solutions for companies. Hern has been making an impact as an entrepreneur for more than two and a half decade. Alex Hern is responsible for co-founding the Military Commercial Technologies, a group that works with the commercialization incubator funded by Lockheed.

Alex Hern has served on a number of boards which include the board of Zero Knowledge Systems, a well known security group.