The Philanthropist and Entrepreneur, James Dondero

James Dondero is a man of influence in Dallas Texas. He a founding partner of Highlands Capital Management and serves in the company as the president. He has a lifetime of his working experience in the equity market and credits that are primarily focused on high-yield investing. He also sits as the Chairman of other companies such as NextBank Capital, CCS Medical Inc., NextPoint Residential Trust and is also a board member in several other organizations. He is a holder of a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce. James Dondero has utilized his vast knowledge and experience in his several engagements of philanthropy. His tremendous efforts in charity have helped to create sustainable transformations in Dallas.

The foundation of his success in entrepreneurship has been his financial donations together with the vision that he holds for the various organizations he is involved in. He has made tangible contributions and created a strategic impact in the community through his charitable foundation which has made donations severally to a wide array of causes. James Dondero is occupied on a daily basis with various engagements including partnering with non-profit organizations in numerous projects that are focused on making the lives of the residents of Dallas better. From the onset of his company operations, he made sure to include charitable giving as one of the company’s mission. Although highlands capital operates as a global firm, he has concentrated its engagements in charitable activities to the Dallas community.

According to Dondero, his company should always aspire to support organizations with a mission of advancing the community. He utilizes a unique approach of recognizing the existing opportunities that collaboration among charity organizations could create a lasting impact. Among the most recent donations that James Dondero has made is the $1 million that he offered to Dallas Zoo to support the reconstruction of it Hippo Habitat that ceased to be operational in 2011. In the past he has donated to SMU Scholars program, Perot Museum, The family Place, to mention few. These accomplishments have been made through the Highlands Dallas Foundation which operates as the philanthropic division of his company. He also co-founded The Dallas Foundation in partnership with Mary Jalonick.