Shervin Pishevar’s Life and Predictions

Shervin Pishevar was born in Iran. He immigrated to the United States with his family as a child. His family wanted him to attend college to become a doctor. However, Shervin wanted to focus on running a business. He started working in the venture capital industry and quickly made a name for himself.

Shervin was an early investor in both Uber and Airbnb. Both of these investments made him millions of dollars. Dollar Shave Club is another business that Shervin invested in early on.


Shervin Pishevar recently made numerous predictions concerning the economy. He thinks that the economy is about to collapse. In the past, Shervin has made outlandish predictions on various topics. In some cases, his predictions have come true.

Stock Market

Shervin Pishevar tweeted that the stock market will have a massive drop in the coming months. He cited multiple reasons for this theory. Not only is economic growth slowing, but consumer debt levels continue to increase.

As consumer debt increases, people will have less disposable income to spend on products. Shervin also thinks the latest corporate tax cuts were a bad idea. Instead of improving the economy, he believes that tax cuts only went to the wealthiest Americans.


Bitcoin is a controversial investing topic. Some people believe the entire cryptocurrency industry is a massive scam. Others believe that cryptocurrency could be the future of banking. Shervin Pishevar thinks that investors should add cryptocurrency to their investment portfolios. Bitcoin has plenty of problems, but he believes it is an excellent investment opportunity with prices so much lower than last year.


Shervin also tweeted advice for people who follow him on social media. He told his followers to focus on paying down debt and increasing cash. Once the recession hits, he thinks it will be an excellent investment opportunity for everyone.

Sahm Adrangi Blows the Whistle on Fraudulent Companies

An ethical culture in an organization is a necessity. This is because it can prevent the rising cases of whistleblowing. With that said, whistleblowing comes in when a firm lacks accountability for its values. Through whistleblowing, an organization is warned against failing to deliver excellent services to its clients or employees. Ideally, a whistleblowing system reflects a person’s commitment to creating a ‘’speak up’’ tradition to protect consumers and workers from being manipulated by service providers. Sahm Adrangi is one successful whistleblower who has mastered his game. He understands how different companies operate irrespective of their specialization.

Sahm Adrangi is a successful financial investor. He went to the Penn State University and joined Merrill Lynch for his first career practice. While there, he served as a financial analyst. Even though he was a junior employee, he delivered to the expectations of the employers. Dedication defines Adrangi’s career. He later moved to Longacre Fund Management where he also served as an analyst. Under his leadership, the firm accrued huge profits. He was asked to serve for three more years.

From Longacre Fund, Adrangi delved into private practice. He left a lucrative chance at Wall Street to try something new in personal businesses. That is why he established Kerrisdale Capital Management. This is an investment management firm that initiates research and investment ideas on different companies. The company has been actively exposing companies indulging in fraud since its establishment. For instance, recently, under the guidance of Sahm Adrangi, it highlighted the case of QuinStreet Inc.

Being an online investment company with a significant number of shares in the industry people are tempted to invest their shares in this firm. The stock prices of the firm have quadrupled suddenly. Investors have been flocking into the database with the hope of putting their money in the business. But, Sahm Adrangi noticed that one client generates the money referred to. This means that sufficient proof can not back the firm’s claims. Adrangi has issued a report with negated feedback to prevent investors from putting their money into the business.