Larkin & Lacey Fund: DACA should Stay

Several members of the GOP have decided to launch attacks against the popular DACA program. However, this news is under attack by most of the young immigrants’ networks and organizations in the United States. Most of these institutions say that the program should not be abolished because it protects the young individuals living in the country.


DACA means Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. The institution was established several years ago, and it focuses on providing young undocumented people with the documentation and protection they need to avoid deportation. The institution ensures that the young immigrants get a social security number too. Most of the individuals are also given a chance to work in the US for two years. However, the work permit is renewable every two years. The program has won the hearts of many young people because it also allows them to get a driving license. The license also gives the youth access to the state tuition fees.


Several platforms had reported that Ken Paxton, the Texas Attorney General had released a statement that was specifically to the Triumph administration. According to the statement, the DACA program should be rescinded before September 5. The letter also threated to take some legal action if this demand was not met in the right way. According to the letter, the action will not bring the program to an abrupt termination. These individuals are now proposing a new phasing off feature that will not allow any new renewals. There are nine attorney generals who have already put their names in the special letter. One governor has also put their name.


The successful program was established in the United States five years ago, and it has been doing well over the years. The program has several benefits to the United States. According to a recent survey by experts, ninety-five percent of the beneficiaries of the program, are studying or working in the country. These young people contribute a lot of money to the universities and colleges found in the country. The beneficiaries are also respected for the amount of money they earn. A study shows that they pay higher taxes too. Most of the money acquired by these individuals is used to advance education, creating businesses and buying homes or cars.


The Larking and Lacey Frontera Fund is one of the institutions that are against the abolishment of the program. The fund was established several years ago, and it fights for the rights of immigrants and other vulnerable individuals in the society. The fund was founded by Jim and Michael.

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Stewarding Innovacare to Success

Rick Shinto serves as the president and CEO of Innovocare before which he worked at Aveta Inc. until it was sold in 2012. He served on the leadership team of Aveta, which was very instrumental in giving him the hands on experience he needs to run Innovocare successfully. He was at Aveta Inc. from 2008. At Innovacare, Shinto runs the operations at Puerto Rico. He continues to thrive in this sector because of this two-decade experience in the health sector. His specialty is clinical healthcare as well as running operations in most cases.Before serving in his position at Aveta in 2008, Rick worked as the chief medical officer at NAMM in California.

Before this, he had served in the position of chief operating officer for Medical Pathways Management Company. These different positions in his career significantly contributed to his taking office at Innovacare. He has been able to continuously make a difference in Innovocare because of the experience he has accumulated over the years.Rick Shinto has also qualified academically. He is a bachelor’s of science degree holder from the University of California. His medical degree was obtained from the University of New York and Stony Brook. He also got his MBA from Redlands University. Mr. Shinto has also made significant contributions as far as publishing medical journals is concerned.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope pairs with Shinto by serving as the chief administrative officer at Innovacare. She had served in the company as the chief operating officer and returned in 2015 as the chief administrative officer. At some point, she was the VP of Clinical Operations. She can perform in this capacity because of several academic qualifications and experience. Kokkinides has a degree in biological sciences and classical language from the University of Binghamton. Her master’s degree in social work is from the New York University. She also has a complementary master’s degree in public health from Columbian University. About Penelope Kokkinides he is experienced in the two areas that Innovocare serves that is the Medicare and Medicaid. These are government health care programs. It is working in this environment for a decade that has prepared her for the roles that she holds currently at the company. She is a known and respected expert in matters of dministrative management. She also excels in managing health care processes, and she has the knowledge of running operations. Her skills in improving the efficiency of organizational structures also come in handy.

Beneful of Fun

Beneful is known for its fun, pet-loving commercials that make every dog owner smile. They are often silly and always feature a lovable canine companion. Beneful reminds us to treat our furry best friends with care in a very entertaining way through their commercials.

One of their commercials features the Dog Goldberg Machine. The Dog Goldberg Machine is a contraption that starts with a dog pulling a rope to launch a tennis ball to his canine friend. His friend proceeds to dunk it into a basket, where it is dropped to initiate several metal disks, which roll down a series of spirals and separate contraptions that more puppies enjoy interacting with. Eventually the cycle ends by knocking down dominoes that spell “It’s Good For You”.

Another commercial showcases a woman eating dinner beside her dog while the pooch is narrating his point of view. Her furry friend is happy to be with her, but questions her eating tactics by pointing out that she doesn’t eat as fast and that her human food isn’t nearly as appetizing as his heaping bowl of healthy Beneful commercial dog chow. Nevertheless, the commercial ends with him lovingly licking all over his owner’s face!

Roberto Santiago Helps Shoppers Save Time

There are many opportunities to invest in real estate. Many entrepreneurs that are considering real estate will look into the housing market. There are definitely possibilities to earn income here. There are other entrepreneurs like Roberto Santiago that put more time into commercial real estate. There is also a great amount of money to be made in this field because there is a need for more business rental spaces and a large amount of better shopping environment for consumers.


Roberto Santiago is aware of these needs, and he has successfully created a large mall that has given people tons of opportunity to engage in shopping that can make every trip to the mall and enjoyable one.


There are lots of parents that may have children that will actually dread going to the mall with their mothers to shop. There are even husbands that may dread the shopping experience where they have to go to any mall and shop with their wives. The Manaira Mall that Roberto Santiago has created is changing all of this. There will hardly ever be a single person that does not want to engage in a shopping trip that involves the Manaira Mall. Roberto Santiago is the person that has been in place to create this shopping environment, and there is no doubt that everyone that comes out to this shopping center will have a great experience.


It really doesn’t matter if children are looking for toys or parents are looking for clothes. Roberto Santiago has covered all the grounds when it comes to shops in this mall. A grand number of people are taking aback by the large food court, and even more tourists are in awe of the amusement park, bar and bowling alley that are part of this mall environment.


This s is a mall environment that people cannot help but marvel over. It is a great shopping experience for anyone that is trying to maximize their time. This may be the best possible environment for people to check out if they are trying to get everything done quickly. There is no roaming about from one location to the next in a vehicle.


People that park their cars can come in and find multiple things all inside of the confines of the Manaira Mall. It doesn’t matter if one store doesn’t have a specific type of dress or pair of jeans that you’re looking for.


Consumers that are interested in shopping will discover that if one store does not have what they need that there will certainly be another store inside of this mall that will have what they desire. Sometimes they even find better discounts as they move throughout the Manaira Mall.


Traveling Vineyard Provides In-House Lessons On Wine-Tasting

Prominent for its outstanding performance when it comes to offering wine tasting services, Traveling Vineyard offers a broad range of money making opportunities from home. The company allows individuals to earn income as a wine guide. Established in 2001, the firm has a beautiful back yard dedicated to wine tasting. The primary objective of the company is offering relaxed settings as well as environs within the society for wine tasting.

For Traveling Vineyard, the needs of the clients must be met by providing tasty beverages. The mechanism of the company is embedded on reaching out to clients through wine tasting guides. Most of the guides create friendly relationships with the clients as a way towards creating other platforms for business.

In-House Offices

For individuals who enjoy working from home, Traveling Vineyard is a leading company that offers a broad range of opportunities. For wine guides, this is the best platform to subscribe to. It is a simple process that involves extensive training as well as support. This is done until the wine guide is comfortable enough to conduct the business on their own. For the company, it is important for the wine guides to incorporate the management in executing the services. When an individual is ready to be a guide, there are endless possibilities to the amount of money they can make. Wine guides are allowed to connect with different event hosts from the social media platform. This borders different arrangements that encompass in-home wine tasting events with guests and presents. The events border particular wines with a wide variety of tasting options. Wine guides make money from the fees generated from their sales to clients.

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Being a wine guide at Traveling Vineyard, an individual can make many friends. The events offer interaction in adults as it is an interactive platform for different people. This platform also offers a channel for saving money for house items that may be needed by the family. Other packages that come with being a wine guide include a family tour while traveling to meet different clients in different localities. Traveling Vineyard offers a wide range of fun and flexible activities.

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Brazil Is Not Out Of Recession Mode According To RBS Media And CEO Duda Melzer

The good news is, Brazil’s economy grew by one percent in the first quarter of 2017. That is the first sign that the largest country in South America is pulling out of the worst recession in more than 90 years. But the bad news is, Brazil could fall back into a recession mode by the end of 2017, according to the chief executive of World Economics, a subsidiary of Information Sciences.

The Brazilian media follow the indices or SMIs from Information Sciences. Information Sciences collect data from a group of salespeople across the retail and manufacturing sectors of the economy. According to some media companies, the information from these SMIs is the most forward-thinking data available. But not all media executives rely on these indices to report economic conditions, especially in the South of Brazil. The southern part of Brazil is its own country in many respects, according to the CEO of the RBS Media Group, Duda Melzer. The citizens in the South of Brazil are descendants of Germans and Italians immigrants, according to Melzer. Melzer family, the Sirotsky family, has German as well as Jewish roots.

Duda Melzer is the third Sirotsky to oversee the ever-growing RBS Media Group. Even though Porto Alegre is home base, Melzer has a presence in the Northern Brazil through some of his new company acquisitions. Check out Odiario to know more.

According to Pauliceiadojazz, Duda has a reputation as a no-nonsense businessman. He understands the marketing and media markets. Melzer is a Harvard graduate and a successful franchise owner. Melzer built a massive media empire thanks to previous management contributions from his grandfather, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, and his uncle, Nelson Sirostky. But most of the company growth is the product of Duda Melzer’s management style and forward thinking. Duda knows the Brazilian market, and he knows how to sell the sizzle in the media business.

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Clearabee-Putting the Customer First

Clearabee is your go-to for rubbish removal services. They were founded in 2012 and have been providing rubbish removal services for a long time with only one vehicle outside of London.


The company relocated to Birmingham outside of London and began to expand very quickly. Clearabee now has over 165 trained employees and a fleet of 65 vehicles providing their rubbish removal services to the London area.


Clearabee offers many services and packages such as their Beeloyal program that offers their customers a discount on qualifying rubbish removal services and a skip bag service. They are available most days of the week and you can book with them on their website.


Clearabee doesn’t subcontract so you can be certain that your rubbish always ends up at a proper facility and will remain confidential. Clearabee offers their services to residential as well and to businesses wanting to celan house.


Clearabee makes it easy to get rid of unwanted rubbish. All you need to do is gather up your rubbish, make and appointment, and Clearabee will handle the rest. It’s just that easy. You can always reschedule if you need to and they will work around your schedule. they will even pick up your skip bags in the locate that is most convenient to you.


Clearabee is very punctual, professional, and is now a nationwide company. They always put the customer first and strive to give their very best to every customer. They are eco friendly and affordable as well as convenient.

Damac Owner’s Trump Real Estate Developments

Hussain Sajwani is very proud of the real estate company that he has built since he started the company in 1992. The Hussain Sajwani family is also very proud of the ties that it has established to President Donald Trump’s family. While the president chose to turn down a $2 billion deal just before his inauguration, the two families have worked closely together to build the Trump International Golf Club Dubai along with Trump Estates at DAMAC Hills. The Sajwani family hopes to compete more projects with the Trump family in the future saying that they look forward to working with President Trump’s adult children.


Trump International Golf Club Dubai


Opening in February 2017, the Trump International Golf Club Dubai was designed by Gil Hanse to take advantage of the beautiful Dubai landscape. This secluded 7,300-yard, par 71 course also features a high-end professional golf shop, a golf academy and a double-sided driving range. Guests playing at this exclusive golf course also find the largest clubhouse in Dubai. In addition to the 30,000 square foot clubhouse, guests can also eat at four luxurious restaurants.


Trump Estates at DAMAC Hills


Surrounding Trump International Golf Club Dubai are luxury homes located within a gated community called Trump Estates at DAMAC Hills. Each mansion in this development features its own swimming pool. Owners can also sit on their own private balconies enjoying the beautiful Dubai weather. The schools at this gated community consistently receive outstanding ratings. They also can enjoy the nearby luxurious shopping experiences before taking in a show at the Outdoor Skyview Cinema.


Hussain Sajwani is very proud of his real estate developments in Dubai. Damac owner says that he is extremely proud that his company became the first Dubai real estate company to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. Trump International Golf Club Dubai and Trump Estates at DAMA Hills stands as a testimony to Hussain Sajwani’s hard work.


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CEO of CP+B Global Lori Senecal To Retire at the End of 2017

In a report by Fast Company, Lori Senecal is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CP+B Global and will exit her current role at the end of the year. Senecal took on this role in 2015 and at the time this was a new role for the company that had just been created. Senecal has helped the CP+B Global company become a global startup and her flexibility has helped the company grow into an international company. The highlight of Senecal’s tenure with CP+B Global was landing American Airlines in October of 2015 as the account was taken away from TM Advertising after using their services for over 25 years. The structure is in place as Senecal moves on to and leaves Danielle Aldrich in her position from before.

According to Adweek, Lori Senecal is the Global CEO of CP+B Global who will retire from that position at the end of 2017. Senecal is an alumnus of McGill University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing & Finance. Prior to her job as Global CEO of CP+B Global she served as the President & CEO of the MDC Partner Network where she was responsible for driving the strategic vision of the company and deepened MDC’s unique model and working with the DMC partner agencies to fuel growth and cross-collaboration throughout the network. Under Senecal’s leadership, the company went from having about 250 domestic agency workers to over 900 workers.

Moreover, Lori Senecal has experience in many past international ad agencies and retires having overseen an agency that handles over $700 million in billings from high-profile clients including the likes of BMW, Diageo, and Panasonic. The company also has more than 300 current employees. This is the company that Senecal has helped build and has served as the CEO. For all of her hard work Lori Senecal was named one of 2014’s “Women to Watch” by the Advertising Age. In 2013, Senecal was honored with the AWNY Game Changer with a Quantum Leap award for her leadership and innovation in her work. Lori Senecal has also been a member of the Ad Council Board of Directors as well.


The CTRMA Works to Bring in New Transportation Options

In a world that is driven by technology, Mike Heiligenstein is able to recognize that a few things are necessary to make the CTRMA work more efficiently.

The first thing that the organization started to use was the ability to track traffic through an application that they created. This app gives users real-time information on things that are going on around the area and what they can do to make sure that they are going to be able to take advantage of the options in that area.

It is something that the authority has been working on for a few years and it will help people to find the best route when they are commuting through the area.

This, along with the recent addition of ridesharing services, has helped to make CTRMA more modern than what it has ever been. This is also something that has made it easier for people to get to and from locations in Central Texas.

They are able to utilize ridesharing opportunities. The app has now made it easy for the rideshare providers to find out the fastest way to get their customers where they need to be within the area.

Mike Heiligenstein is in charge of many things at the CTRMA. While he did not necessarily develop this app, he was one of the major forces that put the app into play. It was something that made it easier for him to get the most out of different situations and something that made it better for people to get exactly what they needed from each of these situations.

The CTRMA is now able to take advantage of all of the things that he has come up with and the people in the area are moving more freely throughout the city. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

The new things that are in place in Central Texas are now able to help people out. They are intended to create a better flow of traffic and to make things easier for people to get around.

Whether they are driving themselves, taking advantage of rideshares or doing anything else, the CTRMA has worked to provide opportunities for people to get exactly where they need to be in the cities and other areas that are located all within the Central Texas region.

Mike Heiligenstein is there to thank for all of the opportunities that he has with the people who have made these changes.