Cleaning The Hair Naturally

The cleansing conditioner by WEN is simply a product that contains shampoo, conditioner and other treatments that make styling the hair a bit easier. The conditioner makes the hair feel softer and leaves it more manageable. WEN by Chaz claims on their Twitter page that the product works with all hair types. The Fig is a version that is ideal for fine hair as it leaves it feeling a bit fuller during the day, but there are some things that you want to keep in mind while using the conditioner.

You’ll need to use a bit more of the conditioner than you would normally use with your previous shampoo and conditioner. Massage the conditioner into the scalp and along the strands until you reach the tips of the hair. The first few days might not show a huge difference, but if you continue to use the cleansing conditioner on a daily basis, especially in the morning, then you’ll begin to see that the hair doesn’t feel as oily and that it can be styled a bit easier.

WEN by Chaz is a line of products that is made of all-natural ingredients. There are various scents to choose from as well as different strengths of the products depending on how thick you want the hair or the original state of the hair before using the product. Chaz Dean believes that the hair should be treated as naturally as possible without a lot of the harsh chemicals applied.

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Why MB2 Dental Should Be Your Primary Choice of Dental Care

There are several different reasons why every individual should ensure that they’re taking the steps that are required to maintain their health at optimal levels. Unfortunately, many people are not necessarily taking the necessary steps that may be required of them to obtain optimal levels of health at any period of given time.


By contacting the professionals of MB2 Dental, you can ask about what dental services they offer and if there are any specials available for you to take advantage of by proceeding with undergoing in such treatment options at any point in time. Unfortunately, many people today are not aware that the conditions of their teeth can have tremendous impacts on the overall levels of their health. If you happen to be someone who knows that your teeth play a critical role in your health, then know that you are in the right state of mind. People’s teeth have a tremendous impact on the overall levels and quality of their health as a major aspect of how well someone is doing is in their digestive system. Having a good set of teeth enables one to properly chew their teeth so that they can digest it properly.


MB2 Dental offers a myriad of services, some of which include, but are not limited to, checkups such as mouth inspections, root canal work, teeth extraction, cleansing, and whitening. If these are some forms of dental work that you believe that you may be capable of benefiting from, please contact one of the office’s advisers today as they’ll be able to provide you with assistance in having any of them done.


MB2 Dental employs only the best of professionals. The type of work that they do is incomparable to the work that one can attain from elsewhere. Be sure to contact them to set up an appointment during a time that works best for you. They are understanding of people’s needs of maintaining flexible schedule, thus, they allow people to choose appointment times on days and times that are the most convenient for them. You may choose to work around your time schedules of work, school, or any other important matters that you may be required to tend to.


Waiakea Water is something to smile about

Waiakea water is doing a marvelous job. Do you want to know how? This popular bottle size is packed with natural alkali. The 500 ml bottle is valuable in that it has a convenient size, affordable and light in weight. The bottle is handy and is more than enough to quench your thirst anytime. Its natural sparkling look and crisp taste are quite appealing. The water also comes with many health benefits for you and your family. It is a definition of purity in its ultimate level.

Are you a runner? Or planning to hold a conference or events of any type? Waiakea water is ideal for all your daily activities. It will keep your hydration levels at their optimum levels, and you will perform at your best.

Waiakea water is the safest water for you to drink. It runs through porous volcanic rocks where it is filtered before getting back to its source, the Mauna Loa Volcano.

Waiakea promotes sustainability by protecting the environment, one of the cultures in Hawaii. It is entirely RPET packaged, meaning that it is packaged in recycled bottles and this consumes 85 % less energy. It is collected from a sustainable source, promotes regional reforestation and is certified to be carbon neutral.

Special Food advises that why not choose Waiakea Water and be part of this sustainable activity! This will enable you to take care of the environment as well as the needy persons in Hawaii and throughout the world.

Since it is also rich in electrolytes, it will help balance your body fluids. Water that is rich in natural alkali helps your body to fight osteoporosis and acidity in the stomach. The company has shown a rich compound annual growth rate.

Emmons is now with an excellent ability to share the affluence. 650 ml of water reaches needy communities through PumpAid once a bottle is sold. PumpAid is a charity partner that seeks to provide water to the communities in most need. Approximately 500 million liters of safe drinking water have reached needy communities living in Africa.

Waiakea water partners with a co-packaging firm in California, a move that makes it possible for water to be bottled in an eco-friendly manner. Emmons ensures safe transit of the water using clean stainless steel tanks.

The water tank takes only a month to regenerate and enables the firm to work with around 1.4 billion gallons each day. The Redbull model, a contemporary lifestyle brand that encourages people to drink healthy, sustainably and ethically is one major reason for this huge success.

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Construcap Real Estate Has Big Plans for the Future

The real estate industry is growing rapidly in many parts of the world. This is especially true in the country of Brazil. Over the past decade, Brazil has rapidly grown its economy to be one the best in the world. Real estate companies based in this area are growing rapidly as well. That is why Construcap is in such a good position to continue its growth. Construcap is a company that is committed to providing great service on YouTube to customers who have real estate needs.

With all of the demand from immigration and economic growth on, the home prices in Brazil have grown rapidly. This is why it is so important for construction companies like Construcap to find areas to build. Many people today are excited about the changes that the company is making to serve customers better. Construcap is investing in a new online platform to help customers find what they want.

Future Plans

Construcap is a company that is always focused on the future. If you want to invest with Construcap, you need to work with them on a property to buy or build. Construcap can help you in a number of ways, and they are always willing to go the extra mile for clients. Come by and see them today in order to get the process started.

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Squaw Valley Releases Statement

The Squaw Valley released a statement regarding the recent detection of coliform and E. coli reported by the Placer County Department of Environmental Health on November 8. Since the discovery, the water has had treated invariably. Water samples have been taken daily. Although authorities are indefinite when the ban will be lifted, the water samples show some improvement. The director of Placer County Environmental Health, Wesley Nicks stated that 3 out of 4 wells are showing no E. coli and low concentrations of coliform.


During this time, several precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of the public. Restaurants have remained closed and everyone has been advised against consuming water. Skiers can still enjoy the famous slopes of Squaw Valley. The health department has allowed the upper mountain to stay open but a direct plan was set in place. To keep the public safe packaged foods and drinks were made available for purchase. Water bottles are readily available to everyone. No health-related issues have been reported.


The statement was released on Wednesday, Nov. 30 to the Sierra Sun by Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows. In the statement, Liesl Kenney identifies the cause of the problem to be to a heavy rain storm. The storm is stated to have caused flooding of a recently improved water system at High camp and Gold Coast. It has been found that the contamination was limited to this system and the contamination was found prior to exposure to the public.


Kenney relays to the public that issue is being addressed accordingly. She states that water usage will not return to normal until experts and health officials make sure the water is completely safe. They stated the importance of the safety of their customers. Guests at High Camp and Gold Coast will have regular access to the amenities during the resolution of this issue. Bottled water will be freely available for consumption. They extend their gratitude to Placer County and the Squaw Valley Public Service District for assistance and cooperation.

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Doe Deere And Lime Crime: Two Unforgettable Names When It Comes To Makeup

If you’ve never heard of Doe Deere and her makeup brand, Lime Crime, then you’re missing out on beauty’s newest cosmetics pioneer.


The Russia native launched Lime Crime in in New York City in 2008, hoping to settle into a makeup niche that wasn’t there. The competition is huge in this industry, especially with giants like Revlon, CoverGirl and others. Lime Crime was nothing like the rest, and Doe Deere knew she had created a powerful new line, vegan-friendly cosmetics with a fantasy twist.


Lime Crime is bold, brightly beautiful and with a naughty fairy tale spin. In an interview with, Doe Deere only wishes she had started out in the makeup business even earlier in her career. She also learned that having a top notch customer service department matters, because the makeup buyer needs to be happy, and if something isn’t right, then the well trained reps. need to find the solution.


Her makeup brand features wildly colored lipsticks and eye shadows with cool sparkles and iridescence sometimes. Doe Deere believe that her cosmetics are empowering to both young women and men looking to define their individual beauty ideals.


If you put on one of her famous liquid matte lipsticks, be prepared to turn heads, because the colors are beyond “normal” and “proper.” Lime Crime color palettes are unafraid to veer from the traditional beige makeup we’ve been forced to wear for generations.


Maybe that is why the original Venus Palette has become a cult favorite with its bizarre and hauntingly sexy eye shadow shades. The kit always seems to sell out fast, but Lime Crime keeps producing them to keep up with the major demand.


Imagine putting on “rusty browns and rustic reds” over your eyelid and brow bone. These hues capture such a cool, modern vibe and are extremely versatile. Shades of bruised fruit like an over-ripe nectarine create the essence in the Venus palette.


Doe Deere enjoys putting on her own brand and will not develop any new cosmetics, unless she wears them herself and believes in their quality, appearance and wearability.


Lime Crime has taken over the world in the last few years, as makeup obsessed fans look eager to any new lipstick or shadow Doe Deere creates. She enjoys engaging with her customers on social media, and at the moment, Lime Crime’s Instagram page is a sinfully hot one.

You can purchase Lime Crime makeup at their e-commerce site and at popular stores like Urban Outfitters.


Adam Milstein Focuses on Making Himself Great but Shapes Others

What happens when you go to grad school and feel that you are not being offered what you feel you are worth? For Adam Milstein, it was a no brainer. It was time to become an entrepreneur. Knowing full well that he would need a little experience before breaking out on his own, he worked as a Real Estate Commercial Broker for three years and then began investing on his own.

A day in Adam Milsteins’ life is honestly different depending on what he is doing that day; however, he has found solidarity and happiness when these things involve the philanthropies he supports. He works by himself a lot, realizing that if it must be done it is up to him.

Adam Milstein does find real estate to be exciting as well because people never know what is going to happen with the market. It can be a supply market for years and then flip to a demand market in one day. How then, does one keep winning in a volatile market? “Follow up, consistency and persistency” according to Milstein.

He also notes that not listening to criticism and remembering that becoming wealthy takes time were also important to his growth as a successful businessman.

Milstein started his career as a member of the Israeli Defense Forces and then went to college. While working to obtain his Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics, he worked alongside his father, expanding their construction and real estate business. Before getting his graduate degree from the University of Southern California, he got married and had two daughters with his wife. Learn more about Adam Milstein:

Many of the philanthropies he supports helps Israeli’s in America feel like they have a community of their own, from giving children a chance to read in Hebrew to helping young professionals identify with their Jewish roots.


Securus gets word out about video visitation over holidays

Securus Technologies has undertaken a public awareness campaign to get word out about their innovative video visitation technology over the holidays. This revolutionary change in how friends and family can visit their incarcerated loved ones is fundamentally altering the way inmates do time. With virtual visitation, what was a luxury in previous years has become a common part of inmates’ daily activity. Prisoners can now visit with their families practically as much as they would like, keeping them in touch with their outside lives and raising the quality of life for all involved.


Despite the many benefits of this new service, Securus has noted that even in institutions where the technology is available, not all inmates are using or even aware of the system. Some skepticism persists among families due to the bad rap the prison communications industry has taken over the years. In other cases, the institution itself has not yet installed video visitation systems and Securus believes if enough popular demand is perceived that the wardens will eventually cede and install it.



Making a tough time of year happy again


As can be seen from this video, the benefits of video visitation transcend monetary cost. It allows inmates in a tough, lonely environment who are missing their loved ones at a special time of year to be there.


The advent of prisoners being able to stay in contact with friends and family on the outside has ushered in what some are calling a new era of prison safety. Traditionally one of the most potent and intractable problems prison staff and management faced was the psychological ennui in the incarcerated brought on by long sentences. This could be exacerbated during the holidays, when the ultimate reality of not being able to see their loved ones and having completely lost their freedom set into the psyches of many inmates. This general loss of hope, the sense of depression that comes with knowing they have no prospect of controlling their immediate destiny or having the emotional connections they most long for has been a driver of pushing some inmates to violent and non-compliant behavior. Video visitation has incredible powers of mollification over restless inmates who may otherwise pose serious threats to the order of the institution.



Ressler Brand Building Guru

Don Ressler is well known for his ability to build a brand into a multi-million dollar company. Don began his career as a consultant to companies hoping to take part in the growing potential of the internet. He has earned a reputation as a brand building authority, and during his career, Don Ressler has raised over $100 million dollars in capital for online companies that have produced over $1 billion in sales.

Among his early successes are Intelligent Beauty, FitnessHeaven, Alena Media and the renowned skin care brand Hydroderm. As the co-founder and serving as CEO of these various companies, Don Ressler was able to build brands that resulted in good shareholder value. In 2010 Don Ressler and Adamn Goldenberg founded JustFab. The goal of these two entrepreneurs was to make JustFab the new way people shop for trendy fashions at a reasonable price.

Don Ressler, Kate Hudson, and Adamn Goldenberg launched Fabletics in 2013. Fabletics and JustFab On are both online subscription women’s clothing companies that share a common theme. Their customers offered a monthly selection of clothing, and accessories, including shoes and handbags, based on their fashion preferences and lifestyles garnered from answers given on a previous questionnaire. The main difference is Fabletics caters more to women’s sportswear and accessories. JustFab and Fabletics, as part of the JustFab portfolio on Brandettes, have grown to become the number one e-commerce fashion-subscription site, combining to produce $500 million is sales a year, with Fabletics contributing thirty percent of those sales.

Since 2015 men have been able to shop with Fabletics, FL2 will cater to the same male customer as Fabletics does for women. Their target customer is an active, outdoor type man who wants to wear reasonably priced, fashionable products designed for style as well as comfort. Fabletics is also opening traditional brick and mortar retail stores in shopping malls throughout the country. Adamn Goldenberg hopes to open between fifty and one hundred of this type location in the next five years.

In August 2016 Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg announced they are re-branding their portfolio of membership-based brands at Fabletics, FabKids, JustFab, FL2 P.S. by JustFab and ShoeDazzle will now operate under the TechStyle Fashion Group. TechStyle planned to remake the fashion industry by becoming the most innovative and admired fashion company in the world. With over four million members TechStyle will continue its mission of offering fashion clothing and accessories at a reasonable price to the men, women, and children of the world.

Better Services to Our Clients-Securus Technologies Inc.

Securus Technologies is a leading organization in the distribution of communication services and products to the correctional institutions as well as the family and friends of the inmates. We have always considered and placed our customers in the forefront, and we believe we cannot do without them. For this reason, we treasure their comments as well as their compliments that will be of greater benefit in improving our services.

For years we have been serving the correctional facilities across the Northern America, we have been receiving a lot of emails as well as letters from our customers. Some of our clients had this to say.

  • One of our real customers wanted us to know that our telephone services assisted their company arrest a corrupt staff member who was involved in contraband of their products. The customer went further to appreciate our services and saying they are looking forward to more successful services.
  • One of the prisons also enjoyed our telephone services; they said when they monitored the class they were able to get information on the inmates who were using drugs in the cells and they got the information on the purchase of the drugs.
  • Another client mentioned that our services are reliable and they can easily monitor security in the judiciary.
  • Our telephone services will also help one of our customers use a conversation they listened over the phone as evidence.

We are responsible for the distribution of emergency response, information management, inmate self-service, biometric analysis, communication services, as well as the monitoring of products and services to maintain safety in the world. We are committed to serving more than 3500 correctional facilities and deliver our services and products to more than 1200000 inmates. In our efforts to serve our customer better, we have redacted to precise to state, counties and amenities name to protect the innocent.