Information about Robert Deignan

Having been born in Florida at Fort Lauderdale, Robert Deignan went for his studies at Purdue University. It was through a football scholarship that made him attend the university. He pursued Organizational Leadership degree from the University. He started venturing into the entrepreneurial business where he co-founded Fanklin, Inc. He is the leading of ATS Digital services company where he is the CEO and co-founder.

It was in an interview when Robert Diegnan talked about how he came up with ATS Digital Service Company. He talked of how the idea came from another company that he was working for. Before they started the company, together with his partners used to work with Anti-Malware Software Company. They used to have many problems before their software could be installed on the user’s machines. The used to have software strategics where they allowed the user to use their software freely and if they became happy about it, then they could thereafter purchase it when the 15 days free trial was over.

It was in 2009 when there was a problem to get Anti-malware to become installed in user’s machine, they had to put their phone number at the end of download page and they could communicate with the users so that they can figure out in case there was a problem. It was through the conversations with the users who were trying to download the software, and they came to realize that the Malware products who were the bad guys were the ones blocking the software installations of their Anti-malware products. They had to look for a solution where they approached one of their in-house technical agents to remotely connect with the user’s machine and aim at removing the blocking Malware of their program installations.

It is by the strategy they used that brought success and the customers became happy where they gained consumer trust. It is where they came up with an idea of charging a fee for remote service efficacy. When it came a time to move out of the company, together with their partners utilized the opportunity in remote connection technologies and could be helpful to consumers and also a better opportunity in business perspective.

The Truth About Vijay Eswaran Revealed

Vijay Eswaran is the founder and the chairman of Q1 Group of Companies; he is an author and entrepreneur. His company involves the selling of real estate properties, direct sale of commodities, education, and hospitality and retail industries. His business is in over thirty countries; as an author, he has sold his best -selling book called in the sphere of silence across Asia. Vijay is a respected leader in Asia especially for having multiple businesses and his courage to offer advice on personal development and life management.

Vijay Eswaran has featured in Forbes as Top fifty Asian Philanthropist; he has also won awards for business leadership and entrepreneurship. He is also a speaker in the world economic forum and a board member of world economic forum global growth companies.

He went to London School of Economics in 1984 where he graduated with a degree in social economics. After a year, he gained interest in binary system marketing which prompted him to join the university. He enrolled to Southern Illinois University in 1986 where he did his Masters; he worked with Synaptics as a part-time worker who was a multilevel marking company.

After thirteen years’ experience in different companies, he returned to Malaysia and worked with Cosway Group a multilevel marketing company. In 1998 he started his own company which up to date has opened offices in ten different countries.

In his books, he talks about his life and how he has managed to balance everything to his advantage. As a speaker, he emphasizes the need of one commitment to self -growth and also the will to sacrifice to achieve. Care should even come in, to meet the set goals. The vision and core values of a company should be understood by each leader to help in achieving goals and strategies put forth. Every leader should realize each employ to create an honest, compassionate, truthful and cool working condition. Through this, the company will achieve its internal and external goals. When the purpose is understood, and everyone focused on the objectives the company will rise to greater heights.

End Citizens United Regulations Management Towards Campaign Contributions

In the year 2010, the Supreme Court’s Citizens United choice set up partnerships as individuals who can spend tremendous and untraceable measures of funding’s to help competitors in American elections. Without requiring any openness with regards to the onset of contributor supports, the choice permits particular vested parties and wealthy individuals to practice disproportionate impact on the decision procedure. The worries of individuals who restrict the apparent bias to the affluent prompted the development of the End Citizens United (ECU) executive activity board of trustees in the year 2015. The association that favors Democratic standards and arrangements devotes its endeavors to anticipating endeavors to point the balance of political influence towards financial gains.

The urge to overrule Citizens United and stop the donation of boundless and conceal funds in regulatory issues gives a premise to the protestation by End Citizens United. The group formally blamed Scott for wrongfully depending on the New Republican Super PAC for assistance during his senatorial campaigns. The reason for the objection lays on Scott’s utilization of the New Republican PAC to acknowledge campaign funds to avoid commitment points of confinement and its infringement of Federal Election Commission rules.

Read more: End Citizens United: Fighting Against “Anything Goes” Campaign Finance

End Citizens United’s objective of eradicating the impact of Big Money 20 in legislative issues spurs the association to choose a pro-reform nominee and to raise the concern of funds in legal matters to a national level. ECU works with ticket measure campaigns to help pro-reform change enactment in the states and to enable its grassroots enrollment to exhibit the political influence that the issue of cash has on decisions.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., End Citizens United relies on a solid administration group for direction. Tiffany Muller fills in as its President and Executive Director with help from Communications Director Adam Bozzi & Executive Vice President Mr. Matt Burgess. The association profits by the bearing individuals from its top managerial staff who get an abundance of experience legislative issues, crusades, and crucially essential issues.

April of 2018, the American Bridge detailed announced that the PAC that Rick Scott led had acquired contributions from private value administrators after their organizations profited from his choices on state welfare support investment. However, the Securities Exchange Commission rule explicitly denied investment firms from financing the campaigns of open authorities which impact state benefits ventures; contributions moved into the New Republican PAC. Scott accepted the responsibility of the group in the year 2007, May. The organizations profited from more than 3 million dollars from the Florida fundings. The reason for the SEC decision, to shield choices on ventures from political impact, gives End Citizens United a reason for its charges against Scott.


InnovaCare’s Penelope Kokkinides Recently Made An Important Pitch To President Trump About The Critical Need For More Healthcare Funding In Puerto Rico:

InnovaCare Health’s Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides was educated at the State University of New York’s Binghamton campus and Columbia University of New York City. Her well-rounded experience in the healthcare industry stretches back more than two decades and includes extensive knowledge gained from working in government healthcare programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Penelope is part of an outstanding group of executives at InnovaCare Health that includes the company’s founder as well as Chief Executive Officer Rick Shinto, Chief Accounting Officer Mike Sortino and Chief Actuary Officer Jonathan Meyers. The entire team brings together a unique set of individual skills and experiences that make for the perfect combination that allows InnovaCare Health to serve its clients at the highest levels of service.


Before she joined the outstanding executive team at InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides held the position of Executive Vice President along with the role of Chief Operating Officer with Centerlight Health. She held a similar position before that with Touchstone Health. Over her years of administrative experience in the health field, Penelope has developed a significant amount of experience in the development of clinical programs.


Recently, Penelope Kokkinides served on an eight-woman panel that met with President Donald Trump at the White House in order to discuss topics related to women in the healthcare field. Penelope used the opportunity to bring up the critical topic of the healthcare situation in Puerto Rico, an area that InnovaCare Health is heavily invested in. InnovaCare is a leader in providing services related to health care issues in Puerto Rico and has been a key figure in the recovery from Hurricane Maria, spearheading efforts to set up emergency clinics.


Penelope Kokkinides’s presentation to President Trump included placing stress on how important it is that federal funding to critical programs such as Medicare Advantage in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico is enlarged. These vital programs have seen drastic budget cuts since 2011, cuts that have been much much larger than the cuts that have been enacted in the United States. Penelope has come out of this meeting very optimistic that the Trump administration is on the side of favoring changes in the funding of Medicare Advantage. The program is the most popular healthcare plan on the island of Puerto Rico and InnovaCare is currently serving in excess of 560,000 individuals who receive benefits from the program. InnovaCare Health has several subsidiaries such as PMC Medicare Choice as well as MMM Healthcare that are major administrators of this vital program for Puerto Rico’s citizens.


All of the Different Traits That Helped Lori Senecal As a Leader and an Advertiser

One thing that people can say about Lori Senecal is that she is a leader. When it comes to leadership, she is one of the most effective people of her generation. One thing that has helped is that she has learned how to be a leader while she was in school. She has learned how to be compassionate to her team and take the time to help them see the value in what they are doing. She is also very good about helping them gain confidence in themselves and move forward with the goals of the team. She would carry these skills with her to her career.


Another thing that has helped her in her career was her passion for advertising. She has focused on her career and the industry she worked in when she has taken over the companies that she got involved in. Each of the companies have grown to become global under her influence. As a result, she has gained the trust of many different companies when it comes to advertising. For one thing, she was aware of the trends in the market. This has made it easier for her to make the needed adjustments to the company. Check out



Lori Senecal has proven herself to be up to any challenge because she is not afraid to get uncomfortable. She is aware that success in an industry requires a lot of discomfort. At the same time, it requires a lot of self knowledge. While it is a good thing to take on new challenges in order to grow, there are certain areas that must be avoided for the sake of the company. Lori Senecal is very perceptive on what she can do to bring success to her company. Lori is also very clear in her vision and makes it a point to show people where they are going so that they can also be excited.



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How “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” Addresses Current Issues

Sean Penn is widely known as an actor. He is also now a novelist with the release of his new book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. This book was released in late March in hardcover form with a paperback version to follow. The book is about a guy named Bob Honey who is a political activist, rather like something else Sean Penn is known for. However, Bob Honey is adamant about political change and something like a letter-writing campaign is far too small for him. Instead, he is drawn to committing acts of violence in order to foment change.

In talking about the premise of “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”, Sean Penn said that he motivated Bob Honey with his own political belief system. His book also takes aim at the Trump administration and many of the things that are wrong with it. Sean Penn has engaged in political activism in the United States as well as places like Iran, Cuba, and Iraq. He also once interviewed El Chapo, the notoriously violent Mexican drug lord.

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is a satire. It is about current political movements such as Trump Resistance as well as the #metoo movement which has been exposing men who have sexually assaulted people. In this book he refers to Trump as “Mr. Landlord”, no doubt due to his owning hotels. Six pages of the book are about the #metoo movement and has thoughts about women’s issues.

Sean Penn said in an interview that he wanted to feel productive when he wrote, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. He says he has gotten pretty tired about how commercialized movies are nowadays and wanted to branch out to another medium. He has said that he is ready to live the life of a writer instead of that of someone involved in the movie industry.

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is his first novel and he is planning on releasing more novels going forward. He says he already has another book in the works. There’s no telling yet whether it will be political or apolitical in nature.


Finding the Future of Collaborative Data With NGP VAN.

In the second part of ‘The future of collaborative data’ the panel answered questions from Amanda Coulombe of NGP VAN on how the advantages over the republicans can be protected and expanded upon. The CTO of NGP VAN stated that only the continuation of investments into expertise and talent will expand the program and keep it from crumbling and it involves the people that know how to use the software interpret and apply them to the volunteers that will act accordingly. Also included are the cost of training and campaign startup that will ensue. That department finds a way to capitalise on the opportunities out there while encouraging innovation of data gurus and the institutions dedicated to this like DNC and America Votes.

Matt Saniie thought it would be wise to encourage the growth of background data that connects the top order of the campaign to the volunteers action on the ground. It is also vital solution to problems.

Amanda Coulombe of NGP VAN gave another question asking the panel of the most exciting innovations in the branch of politics. Matt Saniie was first to go on noting that the tools that improve leg work quality were on the rise and since the last cycle in 2014 there has been an agenda to keep improving this tools.

Kassia Devorsey was particularly excited about the technological innovations coming up that can identify progressive communities in remote locations that have been underrepresented. She highlighted that some remote areas will have a community waiting heard but the voting platforms are not as available to them as they are in urban areas.

Josh Hendler was excited by the tools that power volunteer army, utilizing the efforts for strategic goal. Tools like Slack have managed to harness the legwork of volunteers for specific types of campaign and was highly important in the recent cycle and could prove pivotal in the future.

The CTO of NGP VAN stated a high prospect for mobile canvassing in the future switching to a mobile form of awareness.


Whitney Wolfe A Force To Reckon In The Tech World

Whitney Wolfe Herd was born in the year 1989 in Salt Lake City. Her father was a property developer, and her mother was a stay away mum. Whitney Wolfe went to the Southern Methodist University focusing in the field of International Studies. Whitney Wolfe Herd has always had a head for business and began her path at a very tender age. She was the force behind selling bamboo tote bags that would aid the people affected by the BP oil spill. The bags were so fashionable and renowned across the country as some photos of celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe with Whitney’s bags were viral.

Also, she was involved in community building efforts by joining Patrick Aufdenkamp to start a philanthropic organization known as “Help Us Project. Furthermore, after graduating from college Whitney Wolfe went on a mission in Asia working hand in hand with orphanages to better the lives of the people of Southeast Asia. Whitney Wolfe started working for Hatch Labs at the age of 22 years old and took part in the Cardify startup project. However, the project was eventually abandoned, and Whitney Wolfe together with Chris Gulczynski and Rad began working with Tinder under the Hatch Labs IAC incubator.

In this period while Whitney Wolfe worked with Tinder, she indeed showed her aggressiveness in the marketing and bringing success to the company. Whitney Wolfe was tasked with co-heading the marketing arm for Tinder. Reports also claim that Whitney Houston was the one who came up with the name “ Tinder.” It is believed that she drew her inspiration from her father’s cabin when she used small sticks(tinder) to start the fireplace. Whitney Wolfe championed the popularity of the Tinder app I colleges and expanding their clientele.

In 2014, Whitney Wolfe left Tinder due to the increasing tension between her and other corporate leaders. In the aftermath of her departure, she filed a sexual harassment suit against Tinder and received over $1million in settlement and some shares for the company. Whitney Wolfe then moved Austin and linked with Badoo founder Andrey Andreev to launch a dating platform known as Bumble. The app has a unique feature where women have more control contrary to the traditional dating apps. The app was a success, and within just one year, it had over 15 million active conversations and more than 80 million people being matched.

4 Tips to Boost Your Investment Knowledge with Jose Hawilla

Success is hard earned. It is through sacrificing and dedication that one gets to get to the top. However, as much as people emphasize on hard work, other traits are required in the field. Here are some secrets on how to be a good entrepreneur;

  1. Set Clear Goals

You cannot be successful when you do not know what you are working to achieve. It is true that when you do not know where you headed, any path along your way leads you to your destination. To avoid being indecisive, it is important that you set clear goals of what you are pursuing as well as a time limit.

After your set goals, formulate a plan to evaluate them and follow them to the latter.

  1. Stay Focused on Your Vision

As an entrepreneur, it is okay to have very many ideas. Some people fall for this and divert to work on other ideas that seem more profitable than their business. The undivided attention and jumping from one venture to another never ends well.

Concentrate on your primary goal and ensure it is successful after which you can move on to the next idea.

  1. Be Self-disciplined and Committed

Entrepreneurship needs discipline. There is no one to put you back on track if you trip. You need the discipline to complete tasks on time and observe the working hours. Many people have a weakness of being loyal to themselves because they are used to only excel under pressure.

You also have to be committed to finding better ways to run your business.

  1. Creativity and Innovation

Every firm has strategies that they use to increase their sales and improve their performance. Sometimes, there may not be any named, predicted solutions to solve the issue at hand. Such times call for you to think and come up with a better solution despite the pressure.




The above pointers will help you improve your business if well applied. Jose Hawilla is an example of an individual who has been employing the mechanisms and is among the most prestigious investors in Brazil. You can visit his page



Jose Hawilla is the owner of Traffic Group Company. They bought the firm together with four of his partners. They began small, but they are now the best sports marketing company.

Rocketship Education Is Soaring Into The Spotlight With Their Excellent Results In The Education Industry

There are many programs out there that are designed to improve education for students, but none have gone as far as Rocketship Education. This educational network has started up various charters schools around the country to provide elementary students with a higher-quality education, regardless of their financial status. More than 25,000 students participated in Rocketship Education schools in 2017, most of which were from low-income families. This has had a profound impact on many communities so far and the outlook is only looking brighter as Rocketship Education has plans to open more schools, in more locations in the near future.

As a non-profit organization, much of the funding that goes into Rocketship Education charter schools come from sponsors and donators that simply want to help the cause. One such donator is Andre Agassi, who has donated a great deal to the Rocketship organization through his own personal Charter School fund. One of the greatest aspects of Rocketship Education is not just that they work with low-income families, but they also work with families that need help in tough times so that their students can continue earning an education.

These kinds of principles are at the foundation of Rocketship Education’s core values and are taught within the curriculum. By teaching students real-life values alongside their core learning, they are building a foundation for greatness among their students. This has allowed them to produce some of the highest scoring students in the country through their charter schools. Among the various principles and subjects that are taught at Rocketship schools, students are also subject to many different paths, including history, science, math, writing, reading, art, music, dance, and much more. This is to give young students a better idea of the things they like so that they can define a path for themselves to follow in the future. Over the next few years, communities in cities such as Memphis, Washington, and New Orleans can look forward to Rocketship Education opening up new charter schools in the area to serve more students and aid more low-income families.