Madison Street Capital Plays Advisor in Sachs Capital Group Merger

Chicago investment banking firm Madison Street Capital has played the advisory role once again, this time to for client Sachs Capital Group in their pursuit of digital signage company RMG Networks.


Madison Street Capital was instrumental in establishing discussions with Merion Investment Partners, a debt facility provider, and private equity firm Virgo Capital. Through Madison Street Capital, Sachs Capital Group was able to secure the financial support to complete the acquisition of RMG Networks, a private company.


News about the acquisition reached stockholders. Trading on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange ended for RMG Networks back in September. Those in possession of shares were awarded $1.29 per share for investing in the company, as per the terms of the acquisition.


Thanks to Madison Street Capital, Sachs Capital Group is now in control of a digital signage company that provides them proprietary hardware, software, and services that many Fortune 100 companies rely on for everyday business.


Gregory H. Sachs, founder and CEO of Sachs Capital Group, notified the public of the acquisition in a brief statement. Sachs was pleased with the outcome and thanked Madison Street Capital for carrying them through to the end of the transaction and making use of their connections to make sure there was enough funding to get control of RMG Networks.


Senior Managing Director Barry Peterson was in charge of the street team that took Sachs Capital Group through every stage of the transaction. Petersen painted a bright future for their client in a statement about the acquisition, seeing Sachs Capital Group in an enviable position. With access to expanded cloud storage, Sachs Capital Group will be able to take advantage of emerging communication platforms, outpacing competitors.


About Madison Street Capital:


Madison Street Capital is a Chicago-based investment banking firm known for its international reach. Since 2005 Madison Street Capital has specialized in mergers and acquisitions with a dedication to excelling and intrepid leadership. They are adept at valuations and identifying key financial opportunities to help their clients reach their ambitious goals in a timely and efficient manner.


In order to meet the standard set by the Madison Street Capital reputation, they adopt the client’s needs as their own. Framing each transaction in this light is helpful when making sense of the global economy and the various industry their clients operate under. This allows for the right kind of counsel to be extended to make sure transactions are completed to everyone’s satisfaction.


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