Kim Dao Shows Tips On How To Survive A Japanese Winter

Winters in Japan are tough on people trying to stay warm and is also very harsh on skin. Kim Dao recently posted a video on her YouTube channel which offers tips to making it through winters there in good shape.

Kim Dao’s first tip is to get a hand warmer which you can stick your hands in when out and about. She says you can get reusable hand warmers that you can stick the gel packets into which makes the heat last a lot longer. She also recommends using thermals in the winter which she wears under her other clothing.

Kim Dao is a big fan of heat packs. She sticks one on her stomach every day when she goes outside during the winter. On really cold days she also sticks one on her lower back.

Keeping your skin moisturized in the winter in Japan can be tough. Kim Dao recommends using a sugar scrub which really helps keep moisture in. She also uses an exfoliating soap which keeps Kim Dao’s skin looking and feeling good. She also uses body butter after her shower which is very moisturizing.

Another tip that Kim Dao learned from a friend was to apply baby oil to her skin which keeps skin from drying out all day long, plus it helps to hold heat in. Additionally, Kim Dao really recommends drinking hot drinks during Japanese winters, especially hot tea. It’s great not just for warming you up but tea is also a very healthy drink.

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