Jason Hope And Forward Thinking

Jason Hope was raised in Tempe, AZ and remains an integral part of the landscape in that state. His work in the technology field is of utmost importance, but that does not define him as a whole. He is well known for his philanthropic work with SENS, and he encourages others to be involved in charitable work as well.

SENS Foundation works on research to help prevent problems that come with aging. The products they are working on are believed to help prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s, with the added benefit of looking and feeling younger. The process has been grueling, but advances are being made and that is a cause that Jason Hope can easily get behind.

Hope is a graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in finance. He earned his MBA at the W.P. Carey School of business. He prides himself on futuristic thinking and believes that technology will continue to grow with advances no one thought were possible.

Hope is willing to invest in future generations as they come forward with new ideas; therefore, he offers a grant from $500 to $5000 to high school graduates and college students. The grants are for those who have thought of an idea and then put a plan into action. Those who submit applications are encouraged to send a detailed proposal so that Hope can determine how serious they are and prove dedication to their projects.

Jason Hope’s business consulting firm has helped many companies realize their full potential with his forward thinking and ability to put it into action. He is willing to go the extra mile to ascertain that every company or individual has the chance to benefit from his expertise as well. His experience is part of what makes himself so successful in his personal life as well as his business life.

Source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/01/26/jason-hopes-hard-line-stance-on-the-internet-of-things/

Doe Deere And Lime Crime: Two Unforgettable Names When It Comes To Makeup

If you’ve never heard of Doe Deere and her makeup brand, Lime Crime, then you’re missing out on beauty’s newest cosmetics pioneer.


The Russia native launched Lime Crime in in New York City in 2008, hoping to settle into a makeup niche that wasn’t there. The competition is huge in this industry, especially with giants like Revlon, CoverGirl and others. Lime Crime was nothing like the rest, and Doe Deere knew she had created a powerful new line, vegan-friendly cosmetics with a fantasy twist.


Lime Crime is bold, brightly beautiful and with a naughty fairy tale spin. In an interview with Ideamensch.com, Doe Deere only wishes she had started out in the makeup business even earlier in her career. She also learned that having a top notch customer service department matters, because the makeup buyer needs to be happy, and if something isn’t right, then the well trained reps. need to find the solution.


Her makeup brand features wildly colored lipsticks and eye shadows with cool sparkles and iridescence sometimes. Doe Deere believe that her cosmetics are empowering to both young women and men looking to define their individual beauty ideals.


If you put on one of her famous liquid matte lipsticks, be prepared to turn heads, because the colors are beyond “normal” and “proper.” Lime Crime color palettes are unafraid to veer from the traditional beige makeup we’ve been forced to wear for generations.


Maybe that is why the original Venus Palette has become a cult favorite with its bizarre and hauntingly sexy eye shadow shades. The kit always seems to sell out fast, but Lime Crime keeps producing them to keep up with the major demand.


Imagine putting on “rusty browns and rustic reds” over your eyelid and brow bone. These hues capture such a cool, modern vibe and are extremely versatile. Shades of bruised fruit like an over-ripe nectarine create the essence in the Venus palette.


Doe Deere enjoys putting on her own brand and will not develop any new cosmetics, unless she wears them herself and believes in their quality, appearance and wearability.


Lime Crime has taken over the world in the last few years, as makeup obsessed fans look eager to any new lipstick or shadow Doe Deere creates. She enjoys engaging with her customers on social media, and at the moment, Lime Crime’s Instagram page is a sinfully hot one.

You can purchase Lime Crime makeup at their e-commerce site LimeCrime.com and at popular stores like Urban Outfitters.



Ressler Brand Building Guru

Don Ressler is well known for his ability to build a brand into a multi-million dollar company. Don began his career as a consultant to companies hoping to take part in the growing potential of the internet. He has earned a reputation as a brand building authority, and during his career, Don Ressler has raised over $100 million dollars in capital for online companies that have produced over $1 billion in sales.

Among his early successes are Intelligent Beauty, FitnessHeaven, Alena Media and the renowned skin care brand Hydroderm. As the co-founder and serving as CEO of these various companies, Don Ressler was able to build brands that resulted in good shareholder value. In 2010 Don Ressler and Adamn Goldenberg founded JustFab. The goal of these two entrepreneurs was to make JustFab the new way people shop for trendy fashions at a reasonable price.

Don Ressler, Kate Hudson, and Adamn Goldenberg launched Fabletics in 2013. Fabletics and JustFab On ecommerce-news.internetretailer.com are both online subscription women’s clothing companies that share a common theme. Their customers offered a monthly selection of clothing, and accessories, including shoes and handbags, based on their fashion preferences and lifestyles garnered from answers given on a previous questionnaire. The main difference is Fabletics caters more to women’s sportswear and accessories. JustFab and Fabletics, as part of the JustFab portfolio on Brandettes, have grown to become the number one e-commerce fashion-subscription site, combining to produce $500 million is sales a year, with Fabletics contributing thirty percent of those sales.

Since 2015 men have been able to shop with Fabletics, FL2 will cater to the same male customer as Fabletics does for women. Their target customer is an active, outdoor type man who wants to wear reasonably priced, fashionable products designed for style as well as comfort. Fabletics is also opening traditional brick and mortar retail stores in shopping malls throughout the country. Adamn Goldenberg hopes to open between fifty and one hundred of this type location in the next five years.

In August 2016 Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg announced they are re-branding their portfolio of membership-based brands at http://www.techstyle.com/happy-in-el-segundo-techstyle-coo-anton-von-rueden-on-the-perks-of-life-in-the-south-bay/. Fabletics, FabKids, JustFab, FL2 P.S. by JustFab and ShoeDazzle will now operate under the TechStyle Fashion Group. TechStyle planned to remake the fashion industry by becoming the most innovative and admired fashion company in the world. With over four million members TechStyle will continue its mission of offering fashion clothing and accessories at a reasonable price to the men, women, and children of the world.