Cloudwick Established CDL, The World’s First Neural System of Intelligence for Cybersecurity

CloudWick is the best software and service provider to international businesses. It is also an AWS Data Lake certified competency partner. It’s a digital company that offers many data services as well as solutions to its customers. Maninder Chhabra founded Cloudwick in 2011. It is based in California. This company has a portfolio of products which includes Cloudwick one, Bimodal business transformation and CDAP.

The following is a breakdown of each product:

Cloudwick one provides clients with intuition and business intelligence services.

Bimodal is a business transformation that helps its users to make great achievements and more income.

CDAP acts as a store and manages various events from NetFlow, PCAP, Syslog, proxy and firewall logs.

Cloudwick gained more popularity after announcing the establishment of CDL on 25th July 2017. CDL was developed for two years through a partnership by Intel and leading data center, cloud and security vendors. CDL is the world’s first ever Black Hat USA 2017 Neutral System of intelligence for Cybercrime.

CDL is devised to unlock the capability of the today’s siloed security solutions, equalize security analytics at scale as well as give a convergent security analytic platform for improving and developing EDR, IDS/IPS, SIEM, in conjunction with various other traditional systems. CDL is also used to power Advanced Analytics (AA), User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions, and Machine Learning (ML). CDL helps the businesses to succeed in the war against the current digital business threats such as ransomware, malware, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), denial of service, insider threats, national stake attacks, and botnets.

CDL serves as the cybersecurity intelligence neutral system by capturing, storing as well as evaluating high-velocity network telemetry data (network packets, NetFlow, alerts, and logs) and by adjusting this data for use as well as the analysis by all available SOC tools. CDL absorbs hundreds of terabytes on a daily basis which helps to enable cost-effectively and long-term data retention. CDL embraces the ordinary use cases which incorporates compliance, incidence response and investigation, vulnerability and risk management, securing of cloud, threat detection (data breach, APT, Insider threat, Malware) and much more.