Rocketship Education Is Soaring Into The Spotlight With Their Excellent Results In The Education Industry

There are many programs out there that are designed to improve education for students, but none have gone as far as Rocketship Education. This educational network has started up various charters schools around the country to provide elementary students with a higher-quality education, regardless of their financial status. More than 25,000 students participated in Rocketship Education schools in 2017, most of which were from low-income families. This has had a profound impact on many communities so far and the outlook is only looking brighter as Rocketship Education has plans to open more schools, in more locations in the near future.

As a non-profit organization, much of the funding that goes into Rocketship Education charter schools come from sponsors and donators that simply want to help the cause. One such donator is Andre Agassi, who has donated a great deal to the Rocketship organization through his own personal Charter School fund. One of the greatest aspects of Rocketship Education is not just that they work with low-income families, but they also work with families that need help in tough times so that their students can continue earning an education.

These kinds of principles are at the foundation of Rocketship Education’s core values and are taught within the curriculum. By teaching students real-life values alongside their core learning, they are building a foundation for greatness among their students. This has allowed them to produce some of the highest scoring students in the country through their charter schools. Among the various principles and subjects that are taught at Rocketship schools, students are also subject to many different paths, including history, science, math, writing, reading, art, music, dance, and much more. This is to give young students a better idea of the things they like so that they can define a path for themselves to follow in the future. Over the next few years, communities in cities such as Memphis, Washington, and New Orleans can look forward to Rocketship Education opening up new charter schools in the area to serve more students and aid more low-income families.