Mr. Marc D. Beer Steering the Wheel of Renovia Forward Ever

Mr. Marc D. Beer is a graduate from the University of Miami. He has a vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry because he has worked in several companies dealing with the same. He has held top positions in the pharmaceutical industries, which have helped him horn his skills. Among the companies that he has headed include Erytech Pharma and Good Start Genetics.


His zeal came after completing undergraduate studies where he ventured into the business world. His hard work and commitment saw him climb the career ladder and became one of the cherished directors in most of the companies he had worked for.


His leadership ability saw him open up Renovia Inc. His main vision was to ensure that the female patients suffering from the urinary treat incontinence received prompt treatment. He, therefore, he had to make his thoughts to a reality to enable the patients to lead a normal life without shame.


Marc’s vision received immense support from like-minded organizations, to make his principal object come true. Some of the companies, which supported his thoughts include Longwood Fund, Ascension Ventures of Missouri and The Perceptive Advisers of New York. Notably, the organizations donated $30 million towards Beer’s project.


The first product released by Renovia was Leva. The first release of the product was to check its effectiveness and make further improvements. Renovia is committed to creating awareness of pelvic floor disorders to the community. Besides, it aims to show affected people can heal from the disorder and later on lead a normal life. In this regard, Marchas established goals, which are easy to follow and implement.


Renovia Inc. has created income-generating opportunities for many people in New York City, where the company is based. This has led to its dynamic growth as it’s not only after making profits but also to better the lives of the surrounding community.


Marc D. Beer has given back to the community specifically the students. His skills have been of significant benefit to Notre Dame’s Research and Commercialization Advisory Committee and the Graduate Studies Research and Advisory Council. Besides, he encourages and inspires many graduates and those aspiring to join the business world.

Mr. Marc Beer guides his employees on what to do. He ensures that they have an in-depth knowledge of what and how they are supposed to treat their patients for better results. This has inspired his employees to follow suit in serving the community diligently. Learn more: