Leading Jail Provider- Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies, we are a leading organization which is responsible for the provision of criminal and civil justice technology solution. Our organization is involved in providing solutions to some issues including public safety, investigation, monitoring, as well as correction. We have been distributing the best services and products to correctional facilities, and recently some of our esteemed clients s commented on how services and products and how it has helped them curb crime in prisons.

Richard Smith is the Chief Executive Officer or our company, and he said that once a week our Group has been making continuous efforts to develop one product that will assist the correctional officials to deal with crime to promote peace in the country.  Some of the comments and compliments are listed below.

  • One customer mentioned about our LBS Services which is the main reason as to why they will continue to use our services in the future. They did not forget to mention the combination of the LBS services and the investigation Pro makes us a leading jail service provider.
  • Another client was glad that with the call monitoring they were able to obtain some evidence on the one of their staff regarding smuggled goods.
  • A call recording of one of the inmates and their family will also be used as evidence in their shooting case.
  • Our investigation tools have allowed jail officials to conduct surveys in the event of complaints of harassment or security threat.

We are the leading prison phone service provider, and since our inception, we have been serving more than 34500 correctional institutions across the Northern America and more than 1200000 inmates. We have our Headquarters in Dallas, Texas and we are committed to delivering exceptional telephone services to prisons and jails.


Securus gets word out about video visitation over holidays

Securus Technologies has undertaken a public awareness campaign to get word out about their innovative video visitation technology over the holidays. This revolutionary change in how friends and family can visit their incarcerated loved ones is fundamentally altering the way inmates do time. With virtual visitation, what was a luxury in previous years has become a common part of inmates’ daily activity. Prisoners can now visit with their families practically as much as they would like, keeping them in touch with their outside lives and raising the quality of life for all involved.


Despite the many benefits of this new service, Securus has noted that even in institutions where the technology is available, not all inmates are using or even aware of the system. Some skepticism persists among families due to the bad rap the prison communications industry has taken over the years. In other cases, the institution itself has not yet installed video visitation systems and Securus believes if enough popular demand is perceived that the wardens will eventually cede and install it.



Making a tough time of year happy again


As can be seen from this video, the benefits of video visitation transcend monetary cost. It allows inmates in a tough, lonely environment who are missing their loved ones at a special time of year to be there.


The advent of prisoners being able to stay in contact with friends and family on the outside has ushered in what some are calling a new era of prison safety. Traditionally one of the most potent and intractable problems prison staff and management faced was the psychological ennui in the incarcerated brought on by long sentences. This could be exacerbated during the holidays, when the ultimate reality of not being able to see their loved ones and having completely lost their freedom set into the psyches of many inmates. This general loss of hope, the sense of depression that comes with knowing they have no prospect of controlling their immediate destiny or having the emotional connections they most long for has been a driver of pushing some inmates to violent and non-compliant behavior. Video visitation has incredible powers of mollification over restless inmates who may otherwise pose serious threats to the order of the institution.