The Growth of the HGGC Private Equity Firm

HGGC is a well-known private equity firm that deals many in the middle market. They have established well over $4.25 billion in assets from their customers, which has allowed them to become one of the largest private equity and investment firms in the nation. Founded in 2007 and working with thousands of different clients since their inception, the firm’s CEO and founder is Richard Lawson. Richard Lawson believed that there was a gap in the market for high-quality private investing, liquidations, acquisitions and platform investing. This is why he created the company and continues to back every new project that HGGC has launched.

HGGC is well known for working with small business owners and entrepreneurs who earn over $1 million in annual revenue. If you fall into this category, HGGC is able to help you out and get you the private equity investing that you need right now. Instead of trying to figure this out on your own or hiring another company that does not do what they should, you will find that this company is best for your needs. Plus, they are able to work with a range of assets and investing choices without it breaking your budget.

As of October 2018, HGGC has made the decision to hire a variety of new team members who are going to help with the range of private equity investing that is needed. There are six total new hires who will range from being professionals in operations and financial investing. These new additions are going to be a great asset for the company, since they have been taking on a range of new customers who need additional help across the board. Despite the fact that the company is based in California, they are able to help clients of varying needs from all areas of the country. So long as you make over $1 million in revenue a year, this company is more than equipped to handle your investment needs and get you feeling better about your decision to choose this firm for all of your needs and for the future of your company.