Robert Santiago, the Brazilian Tycoon behind Manaira Shopping Mall

Robert Santiago is a Brazilian developer renowned for ownership of the Manaira shopping mall, the biggest shopping center in Paraiba and one of the largest upmarket mall in Brazil. The mall has several entertainment venues and Gourmet space, which makes it an excellent place to have some family fun.

In addition, Robert Santiago owns Mangeira Shopping mall, which is a contemporary center, and a cartonage company. With this investments, Santiago’s career as a businessperson is very promising. He is also passionate about sports and has several trophies to his name in motocross and kart competitions.

The Leisure Hub Manaira Shopping Mall

Being the largest shopping mall in Joao Pessoa, Manaira shopping mall is not short of fun-pact activities that suit different customers.

When it comes to entertainment, the shopping mall has a movie theatre, bowling alley, electronic amusement park and a ballroom. All these activities have ensured that Manaira stays at the top of the list of venues to attend if you are in need of some fun times and good entertainment.

An assortment of entertainment spots

One of the main attractions of the Manaira shopping mall is the cinema. The mall has 11 rooms sufficed with modish and up-to-date amenities.

Furthermore, the shopping mall includes 3D rooms, VIP rooms, and it brings about the stadium kind of theme in the manner in which the seats are organized. This improves visibility at the cinema, ensuring that everyone gets a unique and exciting way of watching a movie.

The venue also includes bar service sufficed with gourmet popcorn, candy and drinks to suits the tastes of different customers.

If that not good enough for you, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall also brings to light the concept of having an electronic amusement park, known as the Game Station. The Game Station has 200 machines and covers 1800 square meters, which has been set aside for the ballroom and games. The shopping mall also incorporates an automated bowling alley, which magnifies the feeling of playing the game. Read more on

Gourmet spot

This spot is ideal for people who love spending time with their families. It includes a steak and hamburger joint and a food court, which is bound to satisfy your taste buds.

Domus Hall

Finally the icing o the cake is the Domus Hall on top of Manaira Shopping that has hosted several concerts since its launch over seven years ago. The house has played host to big names in the music industry including Jorge Mario da Silva and Ana Carolina.

While these are just some of the attractions at the mall, there are still more great things to experience rather than just talking about them. Better still, Robert Santiago does not seem to stop anytime soon in his ambition to grow his business empire while offering his esteemed customers great services and products.

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