Larkin & Lacey Fund: DACA should Stay

Several members of the GOP have decided to launch attacks against the popular DACA program. However, this news is under attack by most of the young immigrants’ networks and organizations in the United States. Most of these institutions say that the program should not be abolished because it protects the young individuals living in the country.


DACA means Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. The institution was established several years ago, and it focuses on providing young undocumented people with the documentation and protection they need to avoid deportation. The institution ensures that the young immigrants get a social security number too. Most of the individuals are also given a chance to work in the US for two years. However, the work permit is renewable every two years. The program has won the hearts of many young people because it also allows them to get a driving license. The license also gives the youth access to the state tuition fees.


Several platforms had reported that Ken Paxton, the Texas Attorney General had released a statement that was specifically to the Triumph administration. According to the statement, the DACA program should be rescinded before September 5. The letter also threated to take some legal action if this demand was not met in the right way. According to the letter, the action will not bring the program to an abrupt termination. These individuals are now proposing a new phasing off feature that will not allow any new renewals. There are nine attorney generals who have already put their names in the special letter. One governor has also put their name.


The successful program was established in the United States five years ago, and it has been doing well over the years. The program has several benefits to the United States. According to a recent survey by experts, ninety-five percent of the beneficiaries of the program, are studying or working in the country. These young people contribute a lot of money to the universities and colleges found in the country. The beneficiaries are also respected for the amount of money they earn. A study shows that they pay higher taxes too. Most of the money acquired by these individuals is used to advance education, creating businesses and buying homes or cars.


The Larking and Lacey Frontera Fund is one of the institutions that are against the abolishment of the program. The fund was established several years ago, and it fights for the rights of immigrants and other vulnerable individuals in the society. The fund was founded by Jim and Michael.