Clay Siegall: Hard Work Is The Key To Success

For any entrepreneur to succeed, they must be willing to work long hours with little pay. No matter the type of business, it will require a commitment to excellence unlike anything else in life. For Clay Siegall, this was what he faced when starting Seattle Genetics. Beginning with a skeleton crew of researchers, salespeople, and others, Clay has expanded the company into one of the world’s leading research companies specializing in developing treatments for cancer and other related illnesses. Determined to find cures for illnesses that have shown little progress in treatments over the past decade or so, Clay and Seattle Genetics have made tremendous strides in a short period of time.

Partnering with leading pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Bayer, Seattle Genetics currently finds itself working on well over 25 drugs that could potentially revolutionize how cancer is treated around the world. Along with this, Clay and his company also are focusing on drugs that can specifically target cancer cells and tumors, making these treatments far more effective as well as tolerable to patients.

In reaching this point in his career, Clay Siegall has a background that seemingly had him destined for where he is now. After graduating college with a B.S. degree in Zoology, he then obtained a Ph.D. in Genetics. From there, he went on to work with various pharmaceutical companies, such as Bristol-Myers. However, realizing he would never have the freedom he wanted to pursue his dreams, he laid the groundwork for starting his own business. After working with the National Cancer Institute and the Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Clay found himself receiving numerous accolades for his work. In fact, along with having research papers published in over 70 leading industry journals, he also holds 15 patents on various medical items.

Knowing much work is still ahead before truly effective treatments are a reality for many cancer patients, Clay Siegall is prepared to do whatever it takes to see his dream succeed. Whether this involves forming additional partnerships or hiring more scientists, it’s clear Clay Siegall won’t stop until cancer is a thing of the past.