New Residential Investment Corp Growth

Millions of people struggle with their finances. Few people are saving and investing for the future. According to recent reports, many people struggle with high levels of debt. Working with a professional investment firm is a solid strategy for people who want to improve their financial situation.

New Residential Investment Corp is a company based in New York City. The company offers various financial services to clients. The people who work at New Residential Investment Corp are friendly and genuinely care about the success of customers.


Debt is one of the most common reasons for people to have financial issues. The student loan crisis is impacting millions of young people in the United States. A top financial planner at New Residential Investment Corp will work with clients who want to reduce debt. The team will offer various ways that people can pay down more debt in the coming years.


Investing is essential for anyone who wants to make a positive difference in their financial situation. The team at New Residential Investment Corp will offer various investment options for clients to choose from. These investment choices have reasonable fees and provide substantial investment returns.

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“James River Corp. Principal Paul Saunders Speaks on Countering Employee Burnout “

The Harvard Business Review reports that in the U.S. 20% of the workforce is susceptible to work-related burnout. The symptoms of an impending burnout include ignoring workplace responsibilities (disengagement). People facing burnout may begin to feel that it is pointless to accomplish anything while on the job (hopelessness).


Becoming overly emotional is symptomatic of stress, but becoming emotionless is a sign of burnout. The body will react to burn out the same way it reacts to any form of stress. A persistent tightening of the neck muscles, upset stomach, and headache can be physical manifestations of burnout.


During an interview with Paul Saunders, a Principal with James River Capital Corp. addressed the issue of employee burnout. When employees become overwhelmed by deadlines and other time-related issues they begin to feel helpless and hopeless. To counter this cause of burnout Saunders recommends that employers become more flexible with regards to structure and policies. He further suggested that at the start of the workday employees be allowed 10-15 minutes to plan their day. The opportunity to spend time setting their goals for the day gives workers a greater sense of control.


Founded by KP Futures Management Corp. in 1986 James River Capital Corp was Kidder, Peabody & Company’s alternative investment wing. James River became it owns entity nine years later when Kevin Brandt and Paul Saunders acquired James River in 1995. James River Capital Corp. is listed with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an Investment Advisor. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) recognizes the company as a Commodity Pool Operator. In July of last year, James River was managing $570 million.


Employees not receiving the recognition they deserve from their superiors can contribute to hopelessness and ultimately burnout. Paul Saunders advocates for greater openness between managers and subordinates. He further recommends that companies provide employees with the tools to avoid burnout.


Impending burnout can cause a worker to become easily agitated, moody, and negative about their work. The solution is to talk to rather than reprimand an employee displaying the behaviors mentioned above. During the talk suggest distractions outside the workplace that can take the employee’s mind off work.


When on the verge of burning out an employee could lose self-confidence and begin second-guessing themselves. This leads to the aforementioned disengagement. Saunders suggests countering this scenario by first checking with employees on their emotional state. Secondly, rebuild the worker’s self-confidence by setting goals that they can’t fail to achieve.


As a final thought, Paul Saunders pointed out the in importance of a company helping its employees succeed. You can’t separate the success of employees from the success of the company. Learn more:

Edwin Miranda Digital Expert Allowing Companies To Increase Their Profits

Without a good branding strategy, it is impossible for any company to survive in a highly competitive market. In just about every niche, there are tons of companies that are already dominating the top space. If you want to compete with the top league companies, it is essential that you have a branding strategy that would help you stay competitive. If you want to ensure that your company continues to witness steady growth, taking the help of a brand strategist is a must. It is where the services provided by Edwin Miranda, Chief Executive Officer of KOI, and a reputed performance marketer and brand strategist come into the action.

Edwin Miranda has been active in the field of marketing for many years and believes that it is necessary for the companies to take advantage of new age technology to reach out to a wider audience. It would help them achieve their business and revenue goals, and would also help them grow as a business. Edwin Miranda would design a holistic and comprehensive search marketing strategy and performance marketing strategy that would give your company the boost that it needs to get ahead of the others. It would take some time, but rest assured in the long-term it is a highly productive practice to take the help of a professional brand strategist such as Edwin Miranda.

Edwin Miranda offers excellent advice to people looking to grow their businesses. People are afraid to invest in digital marketing because they feel that it will not earn them any benefits. But, the truth is that companies that invest in digital marketing have a better reputation than the ones who don’t. But, in digital marketing having a good plan is essential and one should trust only experienced and expert brand marketer such as Edwin Miranda to help them plan everything for them.

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Talos Energy Squires Stone Energy And Their Assets In A Multi-Billion Dollar Deal

A deal has been struck with Houston based Talos Energy and a recently bankrupt Stone Energy that will see the two oil companies merge together. The move will also officially make Talos Energy a publically traded company under the name “TALOS” which in turn will save them the expense of going through a lengthy and expensive public offering. The company began making plans to go public years ago and hoped to accomplish that goal by 2014 or to the very least by 2015, however, due to the recent oil crash those plans where cut short.

What all this means now is that Talos Energy will have a larger presence, not only in the United States but also in the risky political waters of Mexico. That risk would be minimized when a newly elected president came into power in Mexico. Prior to President-elect Obrador, PEMEX, the Mexican state-run oil company rarely if ever formed partnerships with foreign entities. With a newly reformed PEMEX, Talos Energy in conjunction with Chief Executive Officer Tim Duncan was able to strike a partnership. With their ZAMA project, Talos Energy would be one of the first companies to win a bid that allowed Talos to drill in the Gulf of Mexico, soon after, Talos would strike a large oil deposit in the Gulf of Mexico, the first in the countries newly deregulated economy.

So, what did Talos receive at the end of closing?

1) Entry into a new credit facility agreement which entails a loan of $600 million dollar loan, half which is already available within the company

2) $450 million in liquidity with over $150 Million in on-hand cash.

3) Year-end 2p reserves that were disclosed to the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission prior to the merger taking place

Talos Energy has stated through their spokesperson that they will disclose more information about the merger in the upcoming weeks.

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Cloudwick Established CDL, The World’s First Neural System of Intelligence for Cybersecurity

CloudWick is the best software and service provider to international businesses. It is also an AWS Data Lake certified competency partner. It’s a digital company that offers many data services as well as solutions to its customers. Maninder Chhabra founded Cloudwick in 2011. It is based in California. This company has a portfolio of products which includes Cloudwick one, Bimodal business transformation and CDAP.

The following is a breakdown of each product:

Cloudwick one provides clients with intuition and business intelligence services.

Bimodal is a business transformation that helps its users to make great achievements and more income.

CDAP acts as a store and manages various events from NetFlow, PCAP, Syslog, proxy and firewall logs.

Cloudwick gained more popularity after announcing the establishment of CDL on 25th July 2017. CDL was developed for two years through a partnership by Intel and leading data center, cloud and security vendors. CDL is the world’s first ever Black Hat USA 2017 Neutral System of intelligence for Cybercrime.

CDL is devised to unlock the capability of the today’s siloed security solutions, equalize security analytics at scale as well as give a convergent security analytic platform for improving and developing EDR, IDS/IPS, SIEM, in conjunction with various other traditional systems. CDL is also used to power Advanced Analytics (AA), User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions, and Machine Learning (ML). CDL helps the businesses to succeed in the war against the current digital business threats such as ransomware, malware, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), denial of service, insider threats, national stake attacks, and botnets.

CDL serves as the cybersecurity intelligence neutral system by capturing, storing as well as evaluating high-velocity network telemetry data (network packets, NetFlow, alerts, and logs) and by adjusting this data for use as well as the analysis by all available SOC tools. CDL absorbs hundreds of terabytes on a daily basis which helps to enable cost-effectively and long-term data retention. CDL embraces the ordinary use cases which incorporates compliance, incidence response and investigation, vulnerability and risk management, securing of cloud, threat detection (data breach, APT, Insider threat, Malware) and much more.

Stream Energy Is Putting More Emphasis On Philanthropy

Stream Energy is quite simply an organization that provides energy services to their community in Texas. Since the company was founded, they have always been supporting the community through various means, whether it’s donations or direct involvement. Because of this, Stream Energy decide to start up a whole separate division of the company known as Stream Cares. This foundation will be solely focused on helping the community and making an impact by means of general philanthropy.

Even though Stream Cares will be taking over the philanthropic projects of Stream Energy, the original company will still be an active part and supporter of the community as well. This new development means that Stream will be able to ensure smooth operations and the completion of their projects in a timely manner with dedicated staffing. Not long after Stream Cares was put into play, Hurricane Harvey came through with some devastating results to many different areas, which became one of the first major philanthropic projects for the organization. Stream Cares partnered up with another local philanthropic organization known as the Hope Supply Company. Together, these two organizations helped families from around the state that were negatively affected.

In the past, Stream Energy has been involved with other non-profit organizations in the community, including the Red-Cross and Habitat Humanity. Stream Cares will be taking over these projects to play a vital role in the community for rebuilding and educating people. Stream Cares is focused on working with many different non-governmental organizations to help improve the quality of life all over the world. Stream Cares is a limited operation, but they will continue to grow over time to help the community on a global scale. Stream Energy even uses funds from the sales of energy to fund projects that Stream Cares gets involved in to ensure they can continue to make a positive impact on the community.

The Growth of the HGGC Private Equity Firm

HGGC is a well-known private equity firm that deals many in the middle market. They have established well over $4.25 billion in assets from their customers, which has allowed them to become one of the largest private equity and investment firms in the nation. Founded in 2007 and working with thousands of different clients since their inception, the firm’s CEO and founder is Richard Lawson. Richard Lawson believed that there was a gap in the market for high-quality private investing, liquidations, acquisitions and platform investing. This is why he created the company and continues to back every new project that HGGC has launched.

HGGC is well known for working with small business owners and entrepreneurs who earn over $1 million in annual revenue. If you fall into this category, HGGC is able to help you out and get you the private equity investing that you need right now. Instead of trying to figure this out on your own or hiring another company that does not do what they should, you will find that this company is best for your needs. Plus, they are able to work with a range of assets and investing choices without it breaking your budget.

As of October 2018, HGGC has made the decision to hire a variety of new team members who are going to help with the range of private equity investing that is needed. There are six total new hires who will range from being professionals in operations and financial investing. These new additions are going to be a great asset for the company, since they have been taking on a range of new customers who need additional help across the board. Despite the fact that the company is based in California, they are able to help clients of varying needs from all areas of the country. So long as you make over $1 million in revenue a year, this company is more than equipped to handle your investment needs and get you feeling better about your decision to choose this firm for all of your needs and for the future of your company.

Career Profiles of InnovaCare’s Top Management

Where did Rick Shinto work before InnovaCare Health?

InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC is a company providing healthcare plans to its clients. Richard Shinto has been the managing director, president, and CEO of InnovaCare Health as from 2002. Prior to his appointment to this position, he was the chief executive officer of MMM Healthcare, Inc., Aveta Inc., and PMC Medicare Choice. His involvement in the healthcare organizations has enabled him to acquire knowledge. They have also given him enough experience to guide InnovaCare towards achieving its innovative objectives.

Where did Penelope Kokkinides work?

Penelope Kokkinides is currently the COO of InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC, where she has previously held different positions. Before joining InnovaCare, she was the COO of Aveta Inc. for the period between 2006 and 2012. She also worked as the COO of Touchstone Health HMO, Inc. At some point in her career path, Kokkinides has worked as the corporate vice president for Care Management and Disease Management at AmeriChoice. During this time, she greatly contributed to the implementation of the healthcare model. She has gained more than 15 years of experience in the healthcare sector. Her skills have been instrumental in the improvement of the managed care industry and some government programs.

When were new additions to InnovaCare’s leadership announced?

InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC announced three additions to its leadership in 2016. The CEO Richard Shinto was pleased to introduce Penelope Kokkinides, Jonathan Meyers, and Mike Sortino. These renowned professionals have years of experience in various industries, which makes them suitable to be the leaders of InnovaCare. Each of them comes with a set of skills creating a pool of unique experts for a better-managed care industry. InnovaCare works in an ever-changing environment and having such a team of leaders is beneficial to its future success.

Meyers is the Chief Actuary Officer but has previously worked in the health plan industry. As a result, he has been able to contribute greatly to the managed care sector. Mike Sortino was appointed the Chief Accounting Officer of the company. He boasts of an extensive experience in the insurance and reinsurance industries for over 20 years and more than 5 years doing public accounting.

Alex Hern Believes XR Is The Future And Is Making It So

Augmented reality is a bit different than virtual reality though they are similar. According to an article on the two are distant cousins. Augmented reality is the real world around you with things added in. So you may be looking at the street you’re standing on, but a Velociraptor is coming at you. More companies are looking to use virtual reality to enhance their gaming experiences.

Of course, people use it for more practical purposes such as standing in a space and adding design elements. It allows you to see what the room would look like. Or it can be used to do a walk through on a project without actually having to be present.

Alex Hern the CEO of Tsunami XR is responsible for bringing Augmented Reality to life. According to an article on, Tsunami has two software suites that allow businesses to operate with XR and VR. The XR program is going to help company members across the world work together without having to travel. This is just the tip of the iceberg for what XR can do. Companies in everything from automotive to construction are starting to look at how virtual reality can help their bottom line.

Hern said in an interview that he wants XR to be at the forefront of his business soon. He believes it’s the future and the wave from Tsunami is already starting.

Alex Hern has been in the start-up game for over twenty-five years and continues to grow as an entrepreneur. Over the years he’s focused on growing technology companies and now has made great strides with Tsunami XR bringing augmented reality to construction have started businesses to help improve their production.

Alex Hern co-founded Inktomi which was sold to Yahoo and was on the board of several other big deal startups that sold for millions of dollars. Inktomi was a company that gave software to Internet Service Providers and was used by Amazon and eBay among other companies. Kern also co-founded Yesmail which helped companies with email marketing. He’s been at the forefront of technology for many years. There’s no doubt Tsunami XR is the way of the future.

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Scottish Media Personality Still Loved By Viewers and Readers

His writing career started at 16 when he left school and joined the Glasgow Herald. At first, reporters would call the newspaper and he would write down what they said. What they said would become articles in the newspaper. He was promoted at the newspaper to the point where he would be editing some of the feature pages.

His next step in his writing career was joining the London newspaper called The Daily Mirror in 1935. This was a good step in his career, but he did not like the atmosphere and lifestyle in London. After just a year, he quit the newspaper and returned to Glasgow, He did use his connections that he made in London to become a BBC radio correspondent in Glasgow.

In 1939, a collection of the Glasgow Herald articles were collected and published as a book titled Always a Little Further. It was nearly not published as the publisher called Faber took on subjects that only rich men are supposed to deal with. T.S. Was one of the directors at this publisher and insisted that that this book be published. It has been in print ever since.

His second book called Sans Peur, The History of the 5th (Caithness and Sutherland) Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders was published after he was a World War II solder in the 5th battalion called the Seaforth Highlanders. He participated in battles in Sicily, North Africa, France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany. In the book, he talks about the battles that he fought with the Seaforth Highlanders in World War II. Like his previous book, it has been print ever since, but it was retitled in 1994 as Sans Peur, The History of the 5th (Caithness and Sutherland) Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders. The critics did give this book rave reviews.

After these books, the author moved to TV in the 1960s where he managed to have 150 episodes that talked about a many different subjects.

This well-known media personality in Scotland died in 2003, but he is still remembered by readers and views.

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