Mike Baur’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Mike Baur is one of the successful entrepreneurs who got a degree in business from the University of Bern and Rochester University. Baur co-founded Swiss Start-up factory. He is the managing partner of the Swiss Start-up factory. Baur had worked in the banking industry for over 20 years before leaving to pursue entrepreneurial ambitions. He provided advisory services to wealthy men and women during his tenure at UBS bank. Baur advised them on identifying profitable investment opportunities. He achieved a coveted status in the Swiss banking industry. He accomplished this despite his young age. Mike Baur has always been ambitious and hard working. Clariden Leu Chief Executive Officer noticed his incredible performance and appointed him to become the regional manager of the bank’s Zurich region. The CEO went ahead to recruit many former UBS employees to increase investment for Clariden Leu.

Mike’s departure from the banking industry

Baur left his banking career to focus on his entrepreneurial ambitions. He believes in the “big cat syndrome.” The syndrome was also the reason he thought it was his time to quit and pursue entrepreneurship. Mike Baur says that the syndrome makes executives in the banking sector to have misconceptions about being aware of, and control over, everything happening around them. The syndrome causes managers prone to the effects of economic changes that lead them to financial problems. With this realization, he purposed to pursue his dreams despite his confession that he loved working in the banking industry.

Baur’s Entrepreneurial Establishment

Mike Baur faced many challenges that new entrants experience in the technology field. Baur was resilient and persistent. He overcame these challenges to establish Swiss Startup Factory. He attributes his stint in the banking industry as one of the critical places where he honed the managerial skills that helped him manage Swiss Start-up factory efficiently. Swiss Start-up factory provides investors with advice on strategies for successful entrepreneurial decisions. Swiss Start-up factory partnered with CTI Invest in early 2016. Mike Baur became the deputy managing director after the partnership.

Baur also mentors, guides, and coaches entrepreneurs to achieve success. Mike Baur’s hard work and achievements inspire many across the globe. Mike tells employees not to rely on their monthly salaries. He encourages them to work hard and take risks. He urges them to purpose to become their bosses one day. Mike Baur explains to people to believe in the beauty of their dreams.


Mike Baur Has Climbed His Way To The Top Of The Finance Industry

Throughout Switzerland, Mike Baur is a recognized entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has made efforts and worked hard to make a difference in his field of banking and finances. Mike was originally born in Switzerland, but today he travels around the world to give advice and empower others.

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Mike was only a teenager when he ventured into the world of banking and finances. Luckily for him he has a strong interest at a young age. This is what made him ultimately pursue it for his career, as he believes it gives him satisfaction and happiness to do.

Mike has worked for a number of different companies, started right after he completed his college education. One notable company he worked for was Swiss Private Banking, where he spent more than a decade of his career working. He was ambitious and always working extra hard to contribute to the company, which allowed him to move up through the ranks until he was an executive director for the company. It was thanks to Mike’s many contributions that the company was able to experience as much growth as it has.


After all this time and experience working in finances and banking, Mike decided it was time for him to start up his own thing, as he knew he had what it takes to do the job right. This is when he partnered up with some others to co-found the Swiss Startup Factory, which has turned into one of the top accelerator firms in the private sector on and international scale.


The company was founded in 2014, and was based out of Zurich in Switzerland with a main focus on helping up and coming entrepreneurs find their footing and take advantage of opportunities that are available. Today, the company has managed to built up a network that extends around the world and are dedicated to providing different business opportunities for clients.


The Swiss Startup Factory and Mike Baur also offer a program for startups for their clients that last a period of three months. During this time the client is couched vigorously to prepare them for the world of investing and business management.