Beneful of Fun

Beneful is known for its fun, pet-loving commercials that make every dog owner smile. They are often silly and always feature a lovable canine companion. Beneful reminds us to treat our furry best friends with care in a very entertaining way through their commercials.

One of their commercials features the Dog Goldberg Machine. The Dog Goldberg Machine is a contraption that starts with a dog pulling a rope to launch a tennis ball to his canine friend. His friend proceeds to dunk it into a basket, where it is dropped to initiate several metal disks, which roll down a series of spirals and separate contraptions that more puppies enjoy interacting with. Eventually the cycle ends by knocking down dominoes that spell “It’s Good For You”.

Another commercial showcases a woman eating dinner beside her dog while the pooch is narrating his point of view. Her furry friend is happy to be with her, but questions her eating tactics by pointing out that she doesn’t eat as fast and that her human food isn’t nearly as appetizing as his heaping bowl of healthy Beneful commercial dog chow. Nevertheless, the commercial ends with him lovingly licking all over his owner’s face!