Success Academy’s Excellence Explained

Most people are inquiring about the on goings at success academy. This results from the results posted by one of their student Eva Moskowitz who belongs to the New York City Charter Schools. According to the results of last year, 29% of the students were proficient in English while 35% in math when the state’s challenging core aligned exam. The success students posted a proficiency rate of 64% for English and what astonished people the most was the 94% results in math. These results showed kids in the poorer communities outdoing the well to do suburb kids. It showed that if this network was a single school it would top the charts as the best school in math and English. It would in fact be in the top one percent in math and top three percent in English.

The first Success Academy School opened in 2006. It is a network of 32 schools that serve more than 9000 students. The network comprises of 24 elementary level schools, middle school from grade 5 to eight are 7 in number and there is also one new high school. It is planned that in a span of one more year 13 schools will be opened. It is possible that the school network will have 21000 thousand students in their system. This represents about 2 percent of the entire 1.1 million New York City student whose total number is 1.1 million.

This stellar performance is stunning, as no other known charter institution has had such rapid growth. It has been a desire to find out what has been transpiring at Success, which triggered several visits to the different schools and a series of interviews with students, teachers and directors of the various schools. The research also led to interactions with former teachers, parents and other relevant critics. These communications have also taken place via email with most exchanges happening through the communications director one Ms. Ann Powell.

The difference is that the success occurs due to a unique focus that guarantees success.