Embrace Healthy Living While Protecting Your Retirement With The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy is focused on helping people to achieve their lifetime goals. The company offers financial advisory services and health guidelines. Their physical location is in Winter Garden, Florida, and among people they work with are entrepreneurs and investors who are looking for better money management strategies. Also among things The Midas Legacy works on include health, wealth and overall improved living. They are concerned about offering a complete package that can improve the lives of their clients.

For entrepreneurs

Making decisions is among things an entrepreneur will do every day and any mistake in the process could bring about losses. The Midas Legacy helps entrepreneurs with information and tips that will improve their decision making and help them understand how to interpret conditions in the market. They work with professionals who think outside the box to spot opportunities that can be embraced to make a business better. Most institutions do not pay attention to all the aspects of life that can affect a business, and this is what The Midas Legacy focuses on to help entrepreneurs make decisions that will expand their businesses.

The company conducts research before giving information to clients. This assures their clients that the information handed over is reliable and a reflection of the state of the market. Those who fear about making bad decisions, therefore, enjoy peace of mind when they opt for The Midas Legacy for financial advisory and management services.


Sean Bower, who has been in the journalism industry for years, is among professionals who contribute services to help The Midas Legacy in executing their role to clients. Bower has been writing about financial markets and economy for years, thereby gaining special analytical skills that also guide him in helping clients at The Midas Legacy. He is also part of the online creative team that writes for The Midas Legacy.

He is a renowned entrepreneur and has invested in the financial markets and real estate for decades, thereby gaining experience necessary when guiding other people at The Midas Legacy.

All these consultants are there to help individuals maximize their time. Those who follow the guidelines offered by consultants from The Midas Legacy have recorded success in their businesses. One will not only maximize retirement benefits, but also improve overall health.

Mike Baur Has Climbed His Way To The Top Of The Finance Industry

Throughout Switzerland, Mike Baur is a recognized entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has made efforts and worked hard to make a difference in his field of banking and finances. Mike was originally born in Switzerland, but today he travels around the world to give advice and empower others.


Mike was only a teenager when he ventured into the world of banking and finances. Luckily for him he has a strong interest at a young age. This is what made him ultimately pursue it for his career, as he believes it gives him satisfaction and happiness to do.

Mike has worked for a number of different companies, started right after he completed his college education. One notable company he worked for was Swiss Private Banking, where he spent more than a decade of his career working. He was ambitious and always working extra hard to contribute to the company, which allowed him to move up through the ranks until he was an executive director for the company. It was thanks to Mike’s many contributions that the company was able to experience as much growth as it has.


After all this time and experience working in finances and banking, Mike decided it was time for him to start up his own thing, as he knew he had what it takes to do the job right. This is when he partnered up with some others to co-found the Swiss Startup Factory, which has turned into one of the top accelerator firms in the private sector on and international scale.


The company was founded in 2014, and was based out of Zurich in Switzerland with a main focus on helping up and coming entrepreneurs find their footing and take advantage of opportunities that are available. Today, the company has managed to built up a network that extends around the world and are dedicated to providing different business opportunities for clients.


The Swiss Startup Factory and Mike Baur also offer a program for startups for their clients that last a period of three months. During this time the client is couched vigorously to prepare them for the world of investing and business management.



How to Handle Online Attacks

Building a strong reputation online can be very challenging for even the best entrepreneurs. While an entrepreneur can spend years building their reputations, it can quickly be destroyed by a few negative attacks online. While these can hurt a business, there are five things that an entrepreneur can do to properly handle an attack and limit the damage.

The first important step is to avoid fighting back in public. While it can seem tempting and easy to fight back with a quick response, these typically will only exacerbate the situation and lead to a fight. The best method to handling an attack or negative post is to ignore it publicly to avoid it getting raised to the next level.

While you should ignore the situation publicly, it would be a good idea to address it with your top customers. Every customer you have will appreciate your assurances that your business will continue to operate as usual. While it is likely that they will not believe the attacks anyways, a courteous email or call from you will go a long way.

To further prove that the attacks are wrong, it would also be a good idea to find ways to provide extra value to customers. Some ideas to provide extra value and improve your reputation would include providing promotional rates or unveiling new products.

To ensure that the negative ads go away with time, it would be a good idea to hire professional help. A company such as searchcleanup.com will help to remove negative reviews and clean up negative ads off the Internet.

Finally, it is important to remember why you started the business to begin with. No entrepreneur enjoys dealing with these attackers. To ensure you stay motivated, it would be best to put the attacks behind you and focus on ways that you can improve your business, build further relationships with existing clients, and find new customers to serve in the future. Follow Search Cleanup on Facebook.

Securus Technologies Introduces Revolutionary Video Visitation Technology

Those who have ever been imprisoned can agree with me that with no friends and family members around, jail can be a lonely place. Out of the approximately 2.2 million Americans languishing in jails, only a few get regular visits due to visitation barriers such as costs and distance. But with Securus Video Visitation technology, the situation is destined for change. The technology is similar to Skype and helps family members and friends of inmates communicate with their loved ones who have been incarcerated from the comfort of their homes. The remote video visitation system is increasingly becoming popular and has helped prevent prisons from breaking the existing relationships between people.

Securus Video Visitation eliminates the exposure of children to jail settings as this can cause them stress and trauma. Children can now connect with their incarcerated parents from their homes where they are comfortable and not intimidated. The video visitation technology will no doubt create stronger bonds between incarcerated parents and their children. All they need is a smartphone, laptop, tablet or PC connected to a reliable internet connection. With this latest technology, Securus are fulfilling their purpose of improving the incarceration experience something that can boost inmates’ morale and even lower recidivism rates. Most of the times, inmates are released from jail without adequate preparation on what to do after completing their jail terms. Securus Video Visitation offers them an opportunity to discuss their plans with their family and friends.

Since its establishment in 1986, Securus Technologies has been a leader in introducing new innovative technology solutions have revolutionized public safety and the incarceration experience in our civil and criminal justice system. The company’s hi-tech software solutions have opened up new communication methods between inmates and their loved ones.

Headquartered in Dallas, Securus offers its products and services to more than 1,200,000 prisoners in over 3,400 agencies dealing with law enforcement, public safety and corrections. These agencies are spread across the entire North America. The products and services offered by the company include emergency response, investigation, public information, incident management, information management, biometric analysis, monitoring, communication and inmate self-service. With no doubt, the company is dedicated to serving and connecting. Its contributions to our criminal justice reforms are immense, and it is already making this world a safer place to live.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.