NewsWatch TV Review: An Inside Look.

NewsWatch TV is one of the most informative websites online that will supply you with up to date information on almost any subject you are interested in. The video content is great for the people who are on the go or just don’t like to take the time to read for whatever reason. I myself prefer to be entertained while receiving information, and NewsWatch TV is the perfect platform that does just that.

When I am watching the video content on NewsWatch TV, I make it a point to remember the interviewer’s name because I find that most of them bring a comical element to the show. When I read some of the content on NewsWatch TV. I am amazed at the visual display of pictures that complement the articles on the website. It really helps to make reading for the guest very pleasant. The dashboard display makes the website very easy to navigate and find what you are looking for rather quickly.

I was recently on the website myself and I wanted to find out if they had any up to date information about PS4 Gaming. I was happy to find an article called “Is Virtual Reality the Future?” What I found interesting about the article is that it had some information about the PS4 VR and other gaming counsels that I was not even looking for but glad that I found.

I am also a PC gamer, and sometimes I play games online for hours. So when I came across a review on the new Contour Design, which is a keyboard that reduces the strain on your wrist, hands and fingertips, I was excited. I now know what I want for Christmas thanks to the NewsWatch TV Review segment. Which also was also seen in 200 U.S Markets and 95 million house hold. NewsWatch TV Reviews is a great way to boost sales, because I know I will be buying Contour Design of the Roller Mouse Red and the Balanced Keyboard.

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The Amazing Career of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Few surgeons have made an impact like the one made by Dr Sameer Jejurikar. He is a native of Dallas, Texas where he has now worked as a surgeon for more than a decade. His career total spans more than twenty-one years. Dr. Jejurikar has built an incredible reputation as a friendly, patient-oriented doctor. He has a passion for what he has doing and it motivates him to look to improve the surgical world.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a graduate of the prestigious University of Michigan Medical School. After completing his education and his residency at Manhattan Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, he soon began working in the surgery world. During his time in Dallas, Jejurikar has had the opportunity to work with major hospitals including Forrest Park Medical Center and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. Today he is considered one of the top surgeons in the Dallas area.

Dr. Jejurikar spends a lot of time traveling the world. He often can be found speaking at workshops or doing volunteer in around the globe. He has found the time to take more than twenty mission trips to both Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. He uses this opportunity to help provides treatment to developing parts of the world.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s work has been recognized by many people. His research has been published in major medical journals that include Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the Journal of Surgical Research and , Annals of Plastic Surgery. A few years ago he had the honor of receiving the the Patients’ Choice Compassionate Doctor Certificate. Despite all this work and recognition he still finds time to spend with his family and friends. He feels his biggest accomplishment in live is raising three healthy, happy and inquisitive children.

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Edwin Miranda Digital Expert Allowing Companies To Increase Their Profits

Without a good branding strategy, it is impossible for any company to survive in a highly competitive market. In just about every niche, there are tons of companies that are already dominating the top space. If you want to compete with the top league companies, it is essential that you have a branding strategy that would help you stay competitive. If you want to ensure that your company continues to witness steady growth, taking the help of a brand strategist is a must. It is where the services provided by Edwin Miranda, Chief Executive Officer of KOI, and a reputed performance marketer and brand strategist come into the action.

Edwin Miranda has been active in the field of marketing for many years and believes that it is necessary for the companies to take advantage of new age technology to reach out to a wider audience. It would help them achieve their business and revenue goals, and would also help them grow as a business. Edwin Miranda would design a holistic and comprehensive search marketing strategy and performance marketing strategy that would give your company the boost that it needs to get ahead of the others. It would take some time, but rest assured in the long-term it is a highly productive practice to take the help of a professional brand strategist such as Edwin Miranda.

Edwin Miranda offers excellent advice to people looking to grow their businesses. People are afraid to invest in digital marketing because they feel that it will not earn them any benefits. But, the truth is that companies that invest in digital marketing have a better reputation than the ones who don’t. But, in digital marketing having a good plan is essential and one should trust only experienced and expert brand marketer such as Edwin Miranda to help them plan everything for them.

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Alastair Borthwick: Scottish Hero and Storyteller

Alastair Borthwick has made a name for himself not only as a storyteller but also as a hero. He spent his early life in the city of Glasgow Scottland where he attended high school at Glasgow High School. He dropped out of the age of 16 in order to begin his career as a writer first working at one of the local news stations. He published his first book Always a Little Further before joining the war effort during World War II. After the war, he would publish a book about his experiences during the war titled Battalion: A British infantry unit’s actions from the battle of El Alamein to Elbe, 1942-1945.

After the war, Alastair Borthwick would move with his wife to the Isle of Jura from the city of Glasgow Scottland. This would prove to be an incredibly perfect location for him living in a small cottage that was surrounded by nature an incredibly peaceful. It was here that he would continue to pursue both his passion for writing as well as fishing.

In the year 1952, Alastair Borthwick would decide that he would take some time away from writing in order to pursue a television and radio broadcaster. He would move back to the city of Glasgow Scottland and he was quickly picked up by the BBC producer James Ferguson for a 15-minute talk show. It did not take very long for Alastair Borthwick to impress the producer with his storytelling ability. It was here as a broadcaster that Alastair Borthwick was able to showcase his ability to tell stories not just with a pen but also a microphone. People would later say that he would treat the microphone like a friend and would talk very naturally and in easy to understand and casual way.

After Alastair Borthwick had showcased his ability with not only the pen but the microphone as well in the 1960s he ventured into television. Here he would help to produce over 150 shows for the Scottish Grampian TV network. In these shows, he would discuss various famous characters from the time. Such as Sen. Joe McCarthy, Bonnie Prince Charlie, and even Lola Martinez.

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Madison Street Capital Plays Advisor in Sachs Capital Group Merger

Chicago investment banking firm Madison Street Capital has played the advisory role once again, this time to for client Sachs Capital Group in their pursuit of digital signage company RMG Networks.


Madison Street Capital was instrumental in establishing discussions with Merion Investment Partners, a debt facility provider, and private equity firm Virgo Capital. Through Madison Street Capital, Sachs Capital Group was able to secure the financial support to complete the acquisition of RMG Networks, a private company.


News about the acquisition reached stockholders. Trading on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange ended for RMG Networks back in September. Those in possession of shares were awarded $1.29 per share for investing in the company, as per the terms of the acquisition.


Thanks to Madison Street Capital, Sachs Capital Group is now in control of a digital signage company that provides them proprietary hardware, software, and services that many Fortune 100 companies rely on for everyday business.


Gregory H. Sachs, founder and CEO of Sachs Capital Group, notified the public of the acquisition in a brief statement. Sachs was pleased with the outcome and thanked Madison Street Capital for carrying them through to the end of the transaction and making use of their connections to make sure there was enough funding to get control of RMG Networks.


Senior Managing Director Barry Peterson was in charge of the street team that took Sachs Capital Group through every stage of the transaction. Petersen painted a bright future for their client in a statement about the acquisition, seeing Sachs Capital Group in an enviable position. With access to expanded cloud storage, Sachs Capital Group will be able to take advantage of emerging communication platforms, outpacing competitors.


About Madison Street Capital:


Madison Street Capital is a Chicago-based investment banking firm known for its international reach. Since 2005 Madison Street Capital has specialized in mergers and acquisitions with a dedication to excelling and intrepid leadership. They are adept at valuations and identifying key financial opportunities to help their clients reach their ambitious goals in a timely and efficient manner.


In order to meet the standard set by the Madison Street Capital reputation, they adopt the client’s needs as their own. Framing each transaction in this light is helpful when making sense of the global economy and the various industry their clients operate under. This allows for the right kind of counsel to be extended to make sure transactions are completed to everyone’s satisfaction.


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The Impressive Career Of Malcom CasSelle And His Stance On Blockchain

Malcom CasSelle is the Chief Information Officer of OPSKins as well as the President of Worldwide Asset eXchange, which is a decentralized platform for development of transparent and secure in-game virtual item exchange. Prior to working with WAX, CasSelle was the Chief Technology Officer as well as President of New Venture of tronc, Inc. He also worked as the Senior Vice President of SeaChange International. Additionally, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of Timeline Labs, and he also led various startups in the digital medium, including Xfire, MediaPass, and the joint venture between Groupon and Tencent.

In a recent interview, Malcom CasSelle pointed out the fact that a current trend that excites him is the blockchain technology, which he labeled as Internet 3.0. Given that his career has been based on building companies in each phase, he considers it exciting to take all those lessons in order to build another billion dollar company. His first one was the Hong Kong-based PCCW alongside Richard Li, the second one was China’s Groupon, with the third one being WAX. He noted the fact that he has fun solving problems and scaling the solutions in order to touch millions of people.

The entrepreneur considers that working with the best and brightest as part of his team and focusing on areas where not many people are working has been the best strategy that helped grow his business. He mentioned the fact that if in a business there is a lot of competition it becomes less profitable and less interesting in quick fashion. CasSelle pointed out that the best businesses are focusing on a green field, despite the fact that they are the hardest to get funded.

Prior to entering the world of entrepreneurship, Malcom CasSelle earned his bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and also received a master’s degree from Stanford University, both degrees in Computer Science. He has been an active early stage investor in companies such as Zynga and Facebook, as well as being an investor in most companies that are related to Bitcoin. He is fluent in both Mandarin and Japanese.

Shervin Pishevar’s Life and Predictions

Shervin Pishevar was born in Iran. He immigrated to the United States with his family as a child. His family wanted him to attend college to become a doctor. However, Shervin wanted to focus on running a business. He started working in the venture capital industry and quickly made a name for himself.

Shervin was an early investor in both Uber and Airbnb. Both of these investments made him millions of dollars. Dollar Shave Club is another business that Shervin invested in early on.


Shervin Pishevar recently made numerous predictions concerning the economy. He thinks that the economy is about to collapse. In the past, Shervin has made outlandish predictions on various topics. In some cases, his predictions have come true.

Stock Market

Shervin Pishevar tweeted that the stock market will have a massive drop in the coming months. He cited multiple reasons for this theory. Not only is economic growth slowing, but consumer debt levels continue to increase.

As consumer debt increases, people will have less disposable income to spend on products. Shervin also thinks the latest corporate tax cuts were a bad idea. Instead of improving the economy, he believes that tax cuts only went to the wealthiest Americans.


Bitcoin is a controversial investing topic. Some people believe the entire cryptocurrency industry is a massive scam. Others believe that cryptocurrency could be the future of banking. Shervin Pishevar thinks that investors should add cryptocurrency to their investment portfolios. Bitcoin has plenty of problems, but he believes it is an excellent investment opportunity with prices so much lower than last year.


Shervin also tweeted advice for people who follow him on social media. He told his followers to focus on paying down debt and increasing cash. Once the recession hits, he thinks it will be an excellent investment opportunity for everyone.

Why Choose Organo Gold

There are copious amounts of coffee brands in the world today. Some of the coffee brands are well-known while others seem to fall under the radar. Starbucks, Maxwell House, Seattle’s Best and Folgers are among some of the most popular brands today. Have you ever heard of Organo Gold? Well, if you haven’t heard about this phenomenal coffee company, then you’re not alone. Organo Gold is rather new to some degree because it has only been around for 10 years. Bernardo Chua, the founder of the company, has built an empire to some degree. This man is the prototypical entrepreneur because he has made lemons out of lemonade.

Organo Gold is also a network marketing company that’s been on a mission to improve the health of the general public. The company uses a wholesale tactic to produce, distribute and sell its products. As of 2018, Organo Gold has more than 1,000 employees, and these employees are scattered all around the globe. Instead of using retail stores to sell the products, the company has been able to reach just as many people. The independent distributors earn huge commissions on each sale. If you’re looking to earn some extra capital, and you have an ambitious mind state, then this company is for you. Organo Gold produces a large number of products such as black ice, green tea, deodorant, toothpaste, weight-management programs, gourmet-black coffee and café supreme.

This Canadian-based business is cashing in on the coffee craze, but it’s doing it for good reasons. Providing healthy products that improve people’s health is the ultimate goal. Organo Gold is no fluke. The company has a 10-year record of success, and it has a long line of satisfied customers. All in all, this global-coffee company is changing the game by setting new trends.

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Talos Energy Squires Stone Energy And Their Assets In A Multi-Billion Dollar Deal

A deal has been struck with Houston based Talos Energy and a recently bankrupt Stone Energy that will see the two oil companies merge together. The move will also officially make Talos Energy a publically traded company under the name “TALOS” which in turn will save them the expense of going through a lengthy and expensive public offering. The company began making plans to go public years ago and hoped to accomplish that goal by 2014 or to the very least by 2015, however, due to the recent oil crash those plans where cut short.

What all this means now is that Talos Energy will have a larger presence, not only in the United States but also in the risky political waters of Mexico. That risk would be minimized when a newly elected president came into power in Mexico. Prior to President-elect Obrador, PEMEX, the Mexican state-run oil company rarely if ever formed partnerships with foreign entities. With a newly reformed PEMEX, Talos Energy in conjunction with Chief Executive Officer Tim Duncan was able to strike a partnership. With their ZAMA project, Talos Energy would be one of the first companies to win a bid that allowed Talos to drill in the Gulf of Mexico, soon after, Talos would strike a large oil deposit in the Gulf of Mexico, the first in the countries newly deregulated economy.

So, what did Talos receive at the end of closing?

1) Entry into a new credit facility agreement which entails a loan of $600 million dollar loan, half which is already available within the company

2) $450 million in liquidity with over $150 Million in on-hand cash.

3) Year-end 2p reserves that were disclosed to the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission prior to the merger taking place

Talos Energy has stated through their spokesperson that they will disclose more information about the merger in the upcoming weeks.

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Cloudwick Established CDL, The World’s First Neural System of Intelligence for Cybersecurity

CloudWick is the best software and service provider to international businesses. It is also an AWS Data Lake certified competency partner. It’s a digital company that offers many data services as well as solutions to its customers. Maninder Chhabra founded Cloudwick in 2011. It is based in California. This company has a portfolio of products which includes Cloudwick one, Bimodal business transformation and CDAP.

The following is a breakdown of each product:

Cloudwick one provides clients with intuition and business intelligence services.

Bimodal is a business transformation that helps its users to make great achievements and more income.

CDAP acts as a store and manages various events from NetFlow, PCAP, Syslog, proxy and firewall logs.

Cloudwick gained more popularity after announcing the establishment of CDL on 25th July 2017. CDL was developed for two years through a partnership by Intel and leading data center, cloud and security vendors. CDL is the world’s first ever Black Hat USA 2017 Neutral System of intelligence for Cybercrime.

CDL is devised to unlock the capability of the today’s siloed security solutions, equalize security analytics at scale as well as give a convergent security analytic platform for improving and developing EDR, IDS/IPS, SIEM, in conjunction with various other traditional systems. CDL is also used to power Advanced Analytics (AA), User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions, and Machine Learning (ML). CDL helps the businesses to succeed in the war against the current digital business threats such as ransomware, malware, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), denial of service, insider threats, national stake attacks, and botnets.

CDL serves as the cybersecurity intelligence neutral system by capturing, storing as well as evaluating high-velocity network telemetry data (network packets, NetFlow, alerts, and logs) and by adjusting this data for use as well as the analysis by all available SOC tools. CDL absorbs hundreds of terabytes on a daily basis which helps to enable cost-effectively and long-term data retention. CDL embraces the ordinary use cases which incorporates compliance, incidence response and investigation, vulnerability and risk management, securing of cloud, threat detection (data breach, APT, Insider threat, Malware) and much more.