Achievements of Tony Petrello as CEO

Tony Petrello has been the CEO of Nabors Industries since October 2011. Nabors Industries is the largest land-based oil company and gas drilling company and has headquarters in Texas. Tony is also the chairman of the board’s executive committee. As the leader of this company, he has taken steps which have changed business in this company as well as bringing changes in the whole drilling industry. Just as he recommended expansion of the company through acquisitions when he was the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries, he has maintained the same business expansion techniques even as a CEO. The company has been working closely with others in the drilling sector to increase its operations.

One of the business deals that have been reached recently involved C&J Energy. The two companies brought their operations together in order to boost their production. In 2015, there was another partnership between Nabors and a company from Kazakhstan known as KazMunayGas. They came together to create an entity known as KMG Nabors Drilling Company. The increased oil and gas production necessitated the partnership in Kazakhstan. Nabors Industries expects to reap huge profits from this deal both in short-term and long-term sin e the country has some of the largest untapped oil fields in the world currently.

The company went ahead to create another deal in 2016. In this deal, Nabors industries will be partnering with Saudi Aramco, the largest oil company in the world. They have created an entity known as SANAD. This is probably the best company to partner with at the moment. It has a net worth of about $10 trillion.

In the six-year as the CEO of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello has accomplished a lot. He has taken the operations of the company international and creating a suitable environment for Nabors to make profits and expand even more in coming days.

Tony Petrello has managed to keep the company at the top tier league in an extremely competitive market. Even at a time when there has been a major financial crisis in the industry following losses made by oil in 2015 and the rise of alternative fuels also taking center stage, Tony Petrello has kept the company in check and has ensured that there is consistency in growth

About Tony Petrello:

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