GreenSky Credit’s Crazy No-risk Business Model

David Kalik has always been good at math. Fortunately, those math skills lead him to amass a fortune of $2.5 billion. But David Kalik has never been too good at school. In fact, he didn’t even graduate high school. His story is remarkable.

David leveraged his Atlanta real estate to put himself $10 million in debt to start a company called GreenSky Credit. He fended off investors for years choosing to run the company on his own merit. And investors were chomping at the bit to throw money at his idea. Finally, he relinquished part of his budding company for more than $500 million.

He still owns more than 50% of GreenSky Credit. Revenues for 2017 topped $250 million while projections put the company at $500 million in 2018. It’s a good time to be David Kalik.

The revolutionary idea that launched his massive company is quite simple. Essentially, he developed an app for contractors. He rightly saw contractors as the conduit to homeowners. And homeowners are a lucrative demographic. They are all searching to upgrade their homes in order to create their dream houses.

Contractors took GreenSky Credit’s app to the homeowners themselves. The app provides all sorts of financial products that allow the homeowner to secure a home improvement loan. This allows the homeowner to hold onto some of their cash. That cash could then be used to perform more upgrades.

This flow of credit means that contractors are getting more work. The contractors are so happy that they share 6% of the loan amount with GreenSky Credit. Then the brilliance of GreenSky Credit’s business model really kicks in.

The financial services tech company then takes the loan to a bank. The bank funds the home improvement project while sharing 1% of their balance sheets with GreenSky Credit at the end of the year.

David Kalik figured out a way to own nothing but the transaction without assuming any risk. The bank assumes all the risk of default while the contractors own the equipment and perform the work. David and his company simply profit off of both sides of the equation.

Fortress Investment Group, 20 years of innovation

In just twenty years in operation, Fortress Investment Group has not only revolutionized the investment market but also has become a trendsetter. From just a private equity firm, the company made history as the first private company (equity firm) to go public in NYSE. From that historic stride, the company has revolutionized asset management to more dependable and a reliable practice.

The origin of Fortress Investment Group stretches back in 1998. The three initial founders, Rob Kauffman Wesley E. and Randal N. had such a big and clear dream. The company has grown to be the solution providers in the following financial areas. First, the company specializes in asset-based investing. This genre of investing is one of the main areas the company has specialized over the years and they have been successful. Second, the company has a lot of expertise in operation management. With the right personnel and the right business models, the company has been able to maximize on the possibilities of all what they have invested. Third, as a company, Fortress Investment Group has been able to facilitate one of the best and smooth corporate merges in the last twenty years as well as acquisitions. Finally, the company has been instrumental in capital markets and this expertise has benefited the company’s clients.

It is without a doubt that the company has one of the best finance pundits in leadership. With the initial, three founders who were financial experts before the formation of this company, Fortress Investment Group has been able to bring on board Michael Novogratz. He is an experienced fund manager with vast experience. Additionally, the company also brought Peter Briger. He also has a vast knowledge in financial markets and more specifically the Asia market.

As a company, the firm is always in constant research to evaluate the investment opportunities for their investors. One of the recent investment is iPass. The technology is revolutionary and the company saw the potential in the technology, evaluating the possibilities and potentiality of the investment. With these expansions on investment, the over 1,750 investors are assured of returns.

The company currently direct over $43 billion in all spheres of operations. Therefore, the company is synonymous with success.

Dr. Saad Saad has a lot of Experience Removing items from the Wind and Food Pipe of Children

Dr. Saad Saad is a highly skilled surgeon focusing on pediatric surgery. His more than 40 years of surgical practice has provided him with endless challenges, but one of his greatest challenges was removing foreign objects from the wind pipe and food pipe of children. He has successfully treated more than 1,000 children removing food and other objects from children, some as young as six months old.


Children are prone to swallowing almost anything they can get into their hands and then into their mouth. It is more about curiosity than anything else. Sometimes, the object swallowed will get stuck in the wind pipe or food pipe. Signs of such an object becoming stuck include trouble with swallowing or breathing and wheezing. If traditional methods of removing the object such as the Heimlich maneuver or holding a child by their feet and patting them on the back, is not necessary, a trip to the local emergency room is warranted.


If you witness a child swallowing an object it is imperative to not try to scoop the object out with your fingers. Doing so may push the object further down and create more problems. An ER X-ray will reveal the location of the object, if it is visible such as a coin, but if it does not and the child is still showing signs of a stuck object, the next step is warranted and that is an esophagoscopy or bronchoscopy.


During his career, Dr. Saad Saad has performed both procedures numerous times and was responsible for inventing an improvement to the endoscope that helped doctors perform the procedure more efficiently. The endoscope is very helpful in locating the object when X-rays are not that helpful. The endoscope has a port that acts as an anti-fog device to help clear up the picture. Dr. Saad replaced the anti-fog port with a suction and irrigation device to remove liquid build-up that is produced within the body, giving the surgeon a better and clearer picture of what is going on.


Dr. Saad has found two objects that children swallow that are extremely dangerous. One is a battery such as AAA or AA size battery, as well as the disk batteries that power cameras, calculators and watches and the like. The second dangerous item is peanuts. Batteries, when swallowed can leak acid that will cause serious burns and the associated injuries. When a peanut is swallowed whole and is lodged in the windpipe, the liquid from the lungs will soften the peanut and the item will expand causing more of a blockage.


Dr. Saad Saad cautions parents about not allowing children under the age of two to eat hot dogs. A hot dog will block the windpipe in its entirety. It is wise to not let children under the age of seven eat peanuts. It is also imperative to monitor children while eating at meal and snack time. Playtime items should always be age appropriate as children love to put almost anything into their mouths.

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Clay Siegall: Hard Work Is The Key To Success

For any entrepreneur to succeed, they must be willing to work long hours with little pay. No matter the type of business, it will require a commitment to excellence unlike anything else in life. For Clay Siegall, this was what he faced when starting Seattle Genetics. Beginning with a skeleton crew of researchers, salespeople, and others, Clay has expanded the company into one of the world’s leading research companies specializing in developing treatments for cancer and other related illnesses. Determined to find cures for illnesses that have shown little progress in treatments over the past decade or so, Clay and Seattle Genetics have made tremendous strides in a short period of time.

Partnering with leading pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Bayer, Seattle Genetics currently finds itself working on well over 25 drugs that could potentially revolutionize how cancer is treated around the world. Along with this, Clay and his company also are focusing on drugs that can specifically target cancer cells and tumors, making these treatments far more effective as well as tolerable to patients.

In reaching this point in his career, Clay Siegall has a background that seemingly had him destined for where he is now. After graduating college with a B.S. degree in Zoology, he then obtained a Ph.D. in Genetics. From there, he went on to work with various pharmaceutical companies, such as Bristol-Myers. However, realizing he would never have the freedom he wanted to pursue his dreams, he laid the groundwork for starting his own business. After working with the National Cancer Institute and the Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Clay found himself receiving numerous accolades for his work. In fact, along with having research papers published in over 70 leading industry journals, he also holds 15 patents on various medical items.

Knowing much work is still ahead before truly effective treatments are a reality for many cancer patients, Clay Siegall is prepared to do whatever it takes to see his dream succeed. Whether this involves forming additional partnerships or hiring more scientists, it’s clear Clay Siegall won’t stop until cancer is a thing of the past.

Southridge Capital investment company

Cryptocurrencies have grown both in popularity and value. Industry leaders once viewed cryptocurrencies with skepticism; however, there has been a visible shift in the approach of the financial industry to cryptocurrencies. When the main players started accepting the bitcoin, most institutions also began following suit.

History of Bitcoin

A Bitcoin is a currency that is never regulated. It came into existence during the early days of cypherpunk and crypto-anarchy movement. During this time, researchers were looking forward to developing a community that could not be controlled by the centralized authorities. Although Bitcoin seems new to many, it has been around since 2009, but its real history can be traced back to the Second World War. Bitcoin is the primary decentralized digital peer-to-peer system of payment. Bitcoin’s gradual popularity increase can be attributed to the rise in areas which accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. As the number of users increased, it became clear that money was getting into the ecosystem of cryptocoin and Bitcoin. This growth led to the cryptocoins’ market cap to grow to $300 billion from $11billion. In addition to this, big banks such as Citi Bank, Barclays, BNP Paribas, and Deutsche Bank are trying to find out ways in which they can embrace bitcoin. Check out


Stephen Hicks is Southridge Capital’s founding principal and CEO. Mr. Hicks is the one who sets the rules that all the companies that fall under Southridge operate. Southridge Capital was established in 1996 by Stephen. Mr. Hicks has been actively working for 30 years in the investment industry. Moreover, he has experience in risk arbitrage, derivatives, financial structuring, and investment banking. Stephen attended King’s College in Briarcliff Manor where he received his first degree in Business Administration. He later joined Fordham University, in New York City to attain his master degree. According to Stephen, pot and cryptocurrencies are currently trending.

Southridge is a differentiated financial investment company which focuses on advisory and investment services to middle and small organizations. Since the company came into existence, it has managed to make a direct investment worth $1.7 billion that has gone into growing organizations internationally. The experience of Southridge Capital team is in its ability to tailor a financing plan for the potential client.



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Achievements of Tony Petrello as CEO

Tony Petrello has been the CEO of Nabors Industries since October 2011. Nabors Industries is the largest land-based oil company and gas drilling company and has headquarters in Texas. Tony is also the chairman of the board’s executive committee. As the leader of this company, he has taken steps which have changed business in this company as well as bringing changes in the whole drilling industry. Just as he recommended expansion of the company through acquisitions when he was the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries, he has maintained the same business expansion techniques even as a CEO. The company has been working closely with others in the drilling sector to increase its operations.

One of the business deals that have been reached recently involved C&J Energy. The two companies brought their operations together in order to boost their production. In 2015, there was another partnership between Nabors and a company from Kazakhstan known as KazMunayGas. They came together to create an entity known as KMG Nabors Drilling Company. The increased oil and gas production necessitated the partnership in Kazakhstan. Nabors Industries expects to reap huge profits from this deal both in short-term and long-term sin e the country has some of the largest untapped oil fields in the world currently.

The company went ahead to create another deal in 2016. In this deal, Nabors industries will be partnering with Saudi Aramco, the largest oil company in the world. They have created an entity known as SANAD. This is probably the best company to partner with at the moment. It has a net worth of about $10 trillion.

In the six-year as the CEO of Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello has accomplished a lot. He has taken the operations of the company international and creating a suitable environment for Nabors to make profits and expand even more in coming days.

Tony Petrello has managed to keep the company at the top tier league in an extremely competitive market. Even at a time when there has been a major financial crisis in the industry following losses made by oil in 2015 and the rise of alternative fuels also taking center stage, Tony Petrello has kept the company in check and has ensured that there is consistency in growth

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TheRealReal – Love Your Secondhand Fashion

The RealReal is a luxury consignment store in SoHo, Manhattan, as well as an app to buy second hand clothes online. Putting luxury and consignment together was never a thing until The RealReal came into the fashion world. In the consignment finding a fashion forward piece of clothing isn’t easy, but The RealReal makes it just a little bit better. They also give you the ability to stop thinking about the former lives of the clothes and only about the future you could have with them.

On their Instagram it’s clear to see they are all about photographing their clothes in the best light possible. They have beautiful pictures of their bags with fantastic quotes like “What’s your perfect summer bag?” along with a tag for the brand of the bag. Every photo is taken with expert skill to show off the best of the clothes and hide anything that might be off putting.

In between the pictures of The RealReal’s products, you will find inspirational pictures, quotes, and even some short videos to advertise their products as well. Some of their photos show off sites from around the city to give you a realistic view of how these clothes and products would look in real life settings.

The RealReal even goes the extra mile to make sure you know they are more than just a company. There are actual living people behind the screen making all these posts and running the company. On Mother’s Day this year, The RealReal posted a beautiful montage of all the mothers behind The RealReal’s company, and wished them a very happy mother’s day.

This sort of behavior online gives the company a very friendly and comforting view and lets it’s customers know that they can be trusted. That their beautiful product, of course.