Robert Santiago, the Brazilian Tycoon behind Manaira Shopping Mall

Robert Santiago is a Brazilian developer renowned for ownership of the Manaira shopping mall, the biggest shopping center in Paraiba and one of the largest upmarket mall in Brazil. The mall has several entertainment venues and Gourmet space, which makes it an excellent place to have some family fun.

In addition, Robert Santiago owns Mangeira Shopping mall, which is a contemporary center, and a cartonage company. With this investments, Santiago’s career as a businessperson is very promising. He is also passionate about sports and has several trophies to his name in motocross and kart competitions.

The Leisure Hub Manaira Shopping Mall

Being the largest shopping mall in Joao Pessoa, Manaira shopping mall is not short of fun-pact activities that suit different customers.

When it comes to entertainment, the shopping mall has a movie theatre, bowling alley, electronic amusement park and a ballroom. All these activities have ensured that Manaira stays at the top of the list of venues to attend if you are in need of some fun times and good entertainment.

An assortment of entertainment spots

One of the main attractions of the Manaira shopping mall is the cinema. The mall has 11 rooms sufficed with modish and up-to-date amenities.

Furthermore, the shopping mall includes 3D rooms, VIP rooms, and it brings about the stadium kind of theme in the manner in which the seats are organized. This improves visibility at the cinema, ensuring that everyone gets a unique and exciting way of watching a movie.

The venue also includes bar service sufficed with gourmet popcorn, candy and drinks to suits the tastes of different customers.

If that not good enough for you, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall also brings to light the concept of having an electronic amusement park, known as the Game Station. The Game Station has 200 machines and covers 1800 square meters, which has been set aside for the ballroom and games. The shopping mall also incorporates an automated bowling alley, which magnifies the feeling of playing the game. Read more on

Gourmet spot

This spot is ideal for people who love spending time with their families. It includes a steak and hamburger joint and a food court, which is bound to satisfy your taste buds.

Domus Hall

Finally the icing o the cake is the Domus Hall on top of Manaira Shopping that has hosted several concerts since its launch over seven years ago. The house has played host to big names in the music industry including Jorge Mario da Silva and Ana Carolina.

While these are just some of the attractions at the mall, there are still more great things to experience rather than just talking about them. Better still, Robert Santiago does not seem to stop anytime soon in his ambition to grow his business empire while offering his esteemed customers great services and products.

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Rick Shinto & Penelope Kokkinides Leads Innovacare to great Success

Regarding the provision of health care services, it takes a lot of hard work for a company to be the best. That is what InnovaCare has done under the great leadership of Rick Shinto and Penelope kokkinides.

They are people with a large experience in the field. Richard Shinto is the brain behind the success of the company. Rick Shinto has been the CEO of the enterprise for quite some time.The medical health provision network is now a norm in Puerto Rico.

It is because of hard work and dedication of great minds like Rick Shinto who is the pioneer of the sector. Rick Shinto is experienced as he worked as the Chief Executive Officer of the PMC Medicare. Such work experiences have made Rick Shinto to possess a lot of knowledge concerning the provision of Medicare Advantage plan. Read more about Rick Shinto on BusinessWire.Com

Rick Shinto also has the experience of working with MMM Healthcare still gaining experience. He was once the Chief Medical Officer at Pathways Management Company.

Rick Shinto has been able to lead InnovaCare to success because of his unique and innovative ways of dealing with customers.

His experience has also helped him to acquire a lot of knowledge in the field. He has been working in the area for the last two decades. He had had the experience of working in operational and clinical health care solutions before he moved to work with Aveta. Rick has led InnovaCare health to launch many projects that are of great importance to the company.

Since Rick Shinto joined the company, it has acquired a lot of loyal customers. Currently, it has more than 200,000 people who are happy with the services that they receive from the company. The company has also employed more than 7,500 employees so as to cater for the growing number of clients.

Rick Shinto says they have been successful because of affordable Medicare to people. They have also ensured that they are providing high-quality services hence people have come flocking.

Rick Shinto has made sure that they take the time to educate their patients as well as their families so that they can know how to handle them. Such efforts and dedication have made organizations and people recognize Rick Shinto hence he won a Caring Award that was in Wester University. He employs his experience and talent to make sure that customers are happy with what they get.

Another reason for success is working with a passionate and experienced lady, Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope is someone who is hard working and ambitious. Penelope has also worked in the medical field for over twenty years hence acquiring a lot of experience. Her experience has enabled her to work hand in hand with Rick Shinto to ensure InnovaCare Health succeeds.

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Political Contributor and Investor- George Soros

In 2004 George Soros was so much involved in the United States of America politics. He contributed more than $27 million to defeat President George W. Bush. His political contributions did not stop there instead he has been a major contributor in the United States of America politics. In the recent campaigns and election in the United States, Soros was a great supporter of Hillary Clinton. George Soros made a political contribution of more than $25 million to fund Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates in the hope of defeating the current United States President Donald Trump. During the election period as well as the campaigns, the Federal Elections Commission reported Mr. Soros to have contributed more than $ 24.9 billion in support of Hillary and other Democrats candidates.

The American entrepreneur who was born in Hungary but resides in New York had planned to attend Hillary Clintons nomination ceremony which unfortunately he missed due to some business trips he was making. George and Hillary have been friends for a long time, and their relationship has lasted for more than 25 years. Sources close to George Soros said that he is so much involved in politics than he has been in previous years. George Soros had so much faith in Hillary Clinton, and he feared for the fall of the economy of the country if Donald Trump won the election. Mr. Soros terms Donald as an “ISIS” who has been installing fear in the stock. Michael Vachon is the political advisor to George Soros, and according to him his boss Soros has been involved in the Democrats politics for long, but in the past American elections, he was so much involved in his funding than before.

George Soros was viewed as the catalyze giver. Democrats had other donors who supported the political bid of Hillary Clinton as the next President of America. Some of these contributors include Tom Steyer who is an environmentalist based in San Francisco. Tom is estimated to have donated more than $31 million in 2016. Don Sussman is on other contributors who gave more than $13.2 million. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros was born and raised in Hungary, but due to war, he was forced to fly the country. Mr. George is a go-getter and very determined; after flying from his country, he enrolled himself in London School of Economics while still working as a railway porter and a waiter. After the completion of his college studies, he began his career serving at Merchant Bank. Before long George moved to New York and started working on Wall Street. Because of his commitment and having a keen interest in all he does, Soros established his business dealing with hedge fund in 1969. Years later George Soros has remained to be one of the leading investors not only in the United States but also in Britain.

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Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer Has Reached The Pinnacle Of Success With The RBS Group

The Brazilian RBS Group is one of the best known in the nation for providing the best news and entertainment options through its numerous media outlets, which have become well known for the high quality of the news gathering completed by the company that was established in 1957. One of the most impressive aspects of the RBS Group has been the fact only three members of the Sirotsky family have served as the Chairperson and president of the media brand over the years, the latest of whom is Duda Melzer who came to a position of power in 2012.

In a report by clicrbs, under the leadership of Duda Melzer, who took overall control of the company in 2016, the RBS Group, has continued to find success as the Harvard educated business leader has placed a major level of emphasis on the area of corporate governance. In a bid to ensure the success of the RBS group in a world where the media industry is looking for new directions and streams of income, Duda Melzer has looked to invest in a range of startups and also in an Online wine store that has become the largest in Brazil over the last few years.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has a long history of seeking innovative approaches to the issues he feels are of most importance to the future of himself and his company; the technological and business innovations of Melzer at RBS led to the company being named one of the top 10 most innovative companies in Brazil by the “Abril” magazine.

The Brazilian business leader has never stood still in terms of the educational opportunities he feels can benefit himself and RBS. In recent years, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has returned to the Harvard School of Business to complete courses in subjects including “Effective Strategies for Media Businesses” that will benefit the RBS Group in the future.

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Leading Jail Provider- Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies, we are a leading organization which is responsible for the provision of criminal and civil justice technology solution. Our organization is involved in providing solutions to some issues including public safety, investigation, monitoring, as well as correction. We have been distributing the best services and products to correctional facilities, and recently some of our esteemed clients s commented on how services and products and how it has helped them curb crime in prisons.

Richard Smith is the Chief Executive Officer or our company, and he said that once a week our Group has been making continuous efforts to develop one product that will assist the correctional officials to deal with crime to promote peace in the country.  Some of the comments and compliments are listed below.

  • One customer mentioned about our LBS Services which is the main reason as to why they will continue to use our services in the future. They did not forget to mention the combination of the LBS services and the investigation Pro makes us a leading jail service provider.
  • Another client was glad that with the call monitoring they were able to obtain some evidence on the one of their staff regarding smuggled goods.
  • A call recording of one of the inmates and their family will also be used as evidence in their shooting case.
  • Our investigation tools have allowed jail officials to conduct surveys in the event of complaints of harassment or security threat.

We are the leading prison phone service provider, and since our inception, we have been serving more than 34500 correctional institutions across the Northern America and more than 1200000 inmates. We have our Headquarters in Dallas, Texas and we are committed to delivering exceptional telephone services to prisons and jails.


The Importance of Being Informative With Social Media

For people to beat out the competition in the market that he is working in, it is important that he establishes himself as the authority of the market. One of the ways that he could do that is presenting the customers with tons of information. As a matter of fact, when it comes to social media, it is important for the user to present as much relevant and useful information as possible to the users so that they will be willing to buy from the business. For one thing, the customer will also be able to trust the business owner in helping him with any problems that he comes across while trying to get the product to work.

This could be tricky for some people given that different social media platforms have different limits on things like the length of a post. For instance, it is going to be hard to present a ton of information in a tweet. Fortunately, Twitter can be very effective for business owners in that they can still participate in conversations. Also the responses tend to be quick for the users when it comes to conversations. This could work in the favor of the individual as long as he is relevant to the topic.

Being informative gives the reputation that one knows what he is talking about. Therefore, not only will people buy the product that they want from that company, but they will also look up information about the product they buy on the website. They will also interact with the company on social media for many different questions about any issue they may have. They might also be able to get more updates on the company and any new products that might be on the way. This is among the many benefits that social media brings for the company.

Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and Arthur- Vijay Eswaran

The passion for his nation led him to return and invest in his country of origin. He is a renowned businessman and investor not only in Asia his home country but internationally as well. Vijay Eswaran was an American corporate entrepreneur before returning to Asia to establish his business QI Group.

A go-getter who does not rest is not only a successful businessman, but he is also a philanthropist, a motivational speaker who speaks at several conferences focusing on different topics, and an author of several best-selling books. He has the community close to his heart the reason why Vijay created two philanthropist foundations which have been working effortlessly to improve the standards of education, women, and youth empowerment in the world. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Vijay is the founder and the Chairman of QI Group. The multinational Company conducts business in a broad range of sectors in the market including retail, direct selling, hospitality, education, and financial services.

QNET is an affiliate organization for QI Group which was created in Malaysia in 1998. Since its foundation, the company has been expanding with offices all over the world. Through hard work, devotion and never giving up Vijay has become one of the successful business people in the world.

Vijay Eswaran values his clients, and he says they are the source of his successful business. He has made it a custom to regularly interact with its customers to build a secure connection and long-lasting relationship with them.

Vijay has a passion for changing the lives of others something that motivates him to work much harder, and also motivate his staff to do the same. To win in business, Vijay says one must have a competitive group with a broad experience.

In 2011, his continuous efforts to raise a fruitful generation and community through his charitable activities were recognized by Forbes Asia. Mr. Eswaran was listed among the philanthropy hero.

His works and projects in the nonprofit world have not failed to be recognized by Award giving organizations. Vijay was honored by Think Tank Asia Strategic Leadership Institute based in Malaysia, and also global Organization for People of India Origin ( GOPIO) for being an international in a global business plan.