Better Services to Our Clients-Securus Technologies Inc.

Securus Technologies is a leading organization in the distribution of communication services and products to the correctional institutions as well as the family and friends of the inmates. We have always considered and placed our customers in the forefront, and we believe we cannot do without them. For this reason, we treasure their comments as well as their compliments that will be of greater benefit in improving our services.

For years we have been serving the correctional facilities across the Northern America, we have been receiving a lot of emails as well as letters from our customers. Some of our clients had this to say.

  • One of our real customers wanted us to know that our telephone services assisted their company arrest a corrupt staff member who was involved in contraband of their products. The customer went further to appreciate our services and saying they are looking forward to more successful services.
  • One of the prisons also enjoyed our telephone services; they said when they monitored the class they were able to get information on the inmates who were using drugs in the cells and they got the information on the purchase of the drugs.
  • Another client mentioned that our services are reliable and they can easily monitor security in the judiciary.
  • Our telephone services will also help one of our customers use a conversation they listened over the phone as evidence.

We are responsible for the distribution of emergency response, information management, inmate self-service, biometric analysis, communication services, as well as the monitoring of products and services to maintain safety in the world. We are committed to serving more than 3500 correctional facilities and deliver our services and products to more than 1200000 inmates. In our efforts to serve our customer better, we have redacted to precise to state, counties and amenities name to protect the innocent.

Prominent Entreprenuer Offers Advice to Russian Government On How To Tackle The Economic Downturn

After the recession of 2008, the economic recovery of Russia continues to face increasing economic and political challenges. Perhaps, the most recent challenge is the Crimean issue that has put significant roadblocks for entrepreneurs in Russia.

For instance, in 2014, the Russian Finance Minister, Anton Siluanov, predicted that the Russian economy will show “zero” growth in the near-term. His predictions were true as Russia continues to suffer from the after-effects of sanctions on its trade and its political involvement in different regions around the world.

In these circumstances, Alexei Beltyukov, the well-known Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist suggests that a plausible method to recover from the economic hardship is to entertain and help budding entrepreneurs in the country. He claims that it is import to sustain the local economy instead of looking for help from outside.

In fact, helping young entrepreneurial and startups will encourage cash flow from rich Russians to skilled Russian workforce that needs the capital. The claim makes sense because a lot of skilled Russian are reported to leave for Latvia and Bulgaria, where they are finding jobs in the technical and computer software industries.

Perhaps, Alexei Beltyukov is the right person to ask for the advice because he is one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in Russia who has dedicated himself to helping new and existing businesses in the country. Among his many interests is A-Ventures Ltd, which helps Russians get funding and practical guidance for their business.

Likewise, he is actively involved in Skolkovo Foundation, which provides economic guidance to the Russian government. In fact, Alexei Beltyukov also oversees scholarship funding for Russian students who attend INSEAD, one of the most famous business schools in the world.

Managing Skolkovo Foundation, Alexei Beltyukov provides consultation services, business strategies, technological incubation and tax breaks for Russians. According to independent estimates, funding from the organization has resulted in more than 13,000 jobs from nearly 1,000 different ventures.

As such, he is actively focusing on encouraging Russian government to foster the environment of entrepreneurship by developing public-private partnerships.

How Lovaganza Prepares for Its Huge 2020 Celebration

It is still quite a long way before the year 2020 comes, yet Lovaganza, an entertainment company that creates films promoting humanity, has the preparation for a large worldwide celebration going on.

The theme of Lovaganza for the said event will be concentrated on embarking on a “Bohemian adventure” across all the continents on the planet. This is going to be a free-flowing escapade in every sense of the word because it will allow the guests and the artists to fully immerse themselves in diverse cultures with the help of featured movies and other exhibitions that are related to specific customs.

According to the brand, their production team required more than a year’s worth of time allowance in order to incorporate the latest technological advancements on Facebook in the shows that’s why they moved the occasion from 2015 to 2020. The concept of this celebration which will mix World’s Fair with Cinerama, however, has simply intrigued and excited a lot of people ever since the news about Lovaganza broke out.

The Traveling Show

Although no particular dates were officially released by the company, they stated in their website that they will begin holding a series of traveling shows on by 2017 with the intention of letting more individuals understand the upcoming celebration. During these talent demonstrations on the road, the entire Lovaganza crew will send out three-dimensional glasses and other promotional items to their audience for free, in preparation for the motion pictures that they are going to release prior to the main event in 2020.

The Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy

The 3D glasses as well as the various advertising materials from the traveling show will be useful once they watch the films that are part of the Lovaganza Convoy trilogy which will be shown in 2018, 2019 and 2020. .

The first installment entitled Follow Your Sunshine centers on Father Sgeaby, a youthful priest who has decided to leave his vocation and instead go all over the world with his motorcycle for his messages to reach more individuals. However, he comes across Golden Wings, a hidden association that wants to stop the “Invisible Hand” from commencing with its plans.

In the second and last sequels called The Prophecy and The New World, respectively, the secret organization that the priest now belonged to meets a gifted child who is believed to be the key in saving humanity, and they need to work together so that he can prevent the enslavement of mankind.

Lovaganza allotted a huge budget for these movies as they shot the scenes in France, US, and even Frigiliana, Spain.

The Lovaganza 2020 will begin in May and end in September of the aforementioned year. The celebration will cover thousands of miles as they go to eight venues around the globe. See:

Embrace Healthy Living While Protecting Your Retirement With The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy is focused on helping people to achieve their lifetime goals. The company offers financial advisory services and health guidelines. Their physical location is in Winter Garden, Florida, and among people they work with are entrepreneurs and investors who are looking for better money management strategies. Also among things The Midas Legacy works on include health, wealth and overall improved living. They are concerned about offering a complete package that can improve the lives of their clients.

For entrepreneurs

Making decisions is among things an entrepreneur will do every day and any mistake in the process could bring about losses. The Midas Legacy helps entrepreneurs with information and tips that will improve their decision making and help them understand how to interpret conditions in the market. They work with professionals who think outside the box to spot opportunities that can be embraced to make a business better. Most institutions do not pay attention to all the aspects of life that can affect a business, and this is what The Midas Legacy focuses on to help entrepreneurs make decisions that will expand their businesses.

The company conducts research before giving information to clients. This assures their clients that the information handed over is reliable and a reflection of the state of the market. Those who fear about making bad decisions, therefore, enjoy peace of mind when they opt for The Midas Legacy for financial advisory and management services.


Sean Bower, who has been in the journalism industry for years, is among professionals who contribute services to help The Midas Legacy in executing their role to clients. Bower has been writing about financial markets and economy for years, thereby gaining special analytical skills that also guide him in helping clients at The Midas Legacy. He is also part of the online creative team that writes for The Midas Legacy.

He is a renowned entrepreneur and has invested in the financial markets and real estate for decades, thereby gaining experience necessary when guiding other people at The Midas Legacy.

All these consultants are there to help individuals maximize their time. Those who follow the guidelines offered by consultants from The Midas Legacy have recorded success in their businesses. One will not only maximize retirement benefits, but also improve overall health.