The Flash And His Several Retold Origins


The Flash is a superhero who is best known of having the ability to move very fast. He has reflexes which you can consider as superhuman and his actions mostly violate the laws found in your Physics book. Furthermore, there is something interesting about the Flash. His character has variety of stories when it comes to his origins and as it continues, there are several variations that are significantly noticeable.


Jay Garrick- He is a student in college who inhaled some water vapor accidentally when he fell asleep inside a laboratory, where he was working. After the weird incident, he immediately notice that he has an awesome super speed and can run ultra fast. To add more to that, his reflexes defied what it’s normally expected. In college, he was a star in their football team and subsequently wore a shirt red in color, that has a lightning bolt and a helmet that was stylized with wings.

The-FlashFurthermore, he began fighting crimes and was referred to as the Flash. The helmet he used was his father’s, who was revealed to have fought during the World War I. As time goes by, he was known to carry a shield and a light’s beam. The first case he got involved in was when he battled the Faultless Four. This is a group who’s been referred to as blackmailers. As the story went on, he was able to maintain being anonymous even without wearing a mask because his movement made it very hard for people to capture his image.


Barry Allen- He is a scientist who’s also a police. Allen had a reputation for being deliberate, very slow and is always late, which discourages his bride to be. A night came, when he was about to leave his work, there was a lightning bolt and it struck his case of chemical specimen. The latter splashed and dispersed all over him. After that incident, he found out that he can move very fast and his reflexes are defying Physics.

For his costume, he wore tights that are red in color, it has a lightning bolt and named himself as the Flash. Moreover, he was famous to be the local costumed fighter of crimes. In addition to that, he had his costume made by his fiancee’s adoptive father. Amazingly, this costume is stored in a ring and in times of emergency and trouble, the ring ejects the suit. In this version of the story, Allen invented a treadmill that allows him to time travel. Everybody liked him so much, up to the point that other superheroes with super speed were being compared to him.


Wally West- He is the nephew of Allen’s (previous Flash) fiancee. During his visit to the laboratory where Barry Allen worked, that accident which gave Barry Allen his superhuman powers repeated itself and West was bathed  in chemicals that are charged electrically. After getting the same abilities as the Flash, he wore an outfit that’s smaller than Allen’s and was known for being the Kid Flash, a young fighter of crimes. In the later part of the story, they turned his costume into something remarkably visible.

The original color (red) was changed to yellow while the leggings remained as red in color. West wore gloves and ear-pieces. Moreover, he became a member of the Teen Titans, which is a recently created group of crime fighters. As the story went on, there was a drastic change to Wally’s character and it even came to a point that he acquired a disease and also needed to in take vast quantities of food to maintain for the reason of maintaining his metabolism. Apart from getting involved in a superhero matter, the story line also focused on how wealthy Wally is.