Adam Milstein Says Jews Should Never Forget The Horrors Of Their Past

Adam Milstein is a businessman and philanthropist who, along with his wife, Gila, created the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation.

Since moving to the U.S. with his wife in 1981, Milstein has worked diligently to bridge the gap between Jews in the U.S. and the ones living in Israel.

He was born in Haifa, Israel in 1948. After serving in the Israeli Defense Forces and graduating with a degree in business management, he and his family moved to the U.S.

Adam Milstein wants Jewish people to be fully aware of their roots. He says although they have a painful history, it should not be ignored. The horrors that were perpetrated against Jews in WWII has left a stain that can never be erased.

“The tragedies of the past should serve as lessons for the future,” according to Milstein. He says that “never again” is merely a slogan, unless people do what they need to prevent such horrors from happening again.

To delve more into the horrifying past of the Holocaust, Milstein, his wife and a delegation toured the Nazi death camps. The viewed mass graves and other landmarks where Jews died by the thousands at the hands of Nazi firing squads.

It is estimated that at least 2.4 million Jews were murdered in the Rumbula Forest. The memorial marks the area where so many met their fate.

Milstein says when it comes to these atrocities, people can learn about the past and the future. “Many simply cannot grasp that the anti-semetism displayed toward the Jews cannot happen again. It can.”

According to Adam Milstein, you can draw parallels of what happened in WWII to things going on around the world right now. Adam Milstein stresses that Israel must be protected at all costs. “We had no protection during WWII and the results were terrible. We must make sure that never again really means never again.”


Benefits of Organo Gold coffee

Many enjoy drinking coffee around the world to start the day right and the beverage is everywhere. Many drink it for added energy, especially for early in the morning due to the caffeine content. Organo Gold is a company that makes their own coffee and one quality that makes theirs better than all the others is that it has less caffeine content and a good taste too.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 and is located out of British, Columbia, Canada. The brand’s coffee is even more unique because they use different ingredients, such as one called Ganoderma lucidum, which is an ancient Chinese fungus.

The drink is said to have a lot of benefits in shedding unnecessary weight, supporting the immune system, and more. Organo Gold has many different products such as different kinds of teas coffees and even hot chocolate. The article lists many benefits of coffee such as preventing cancer, cardiovascular health, weight loss, bronchitis, hypertension, and much more.

The product also helps eliminate natural toxins in the body, improves skin, relieving sinus congestion, an increase in brain function, and more energy. Another article from the Organo Gold website lists the benefits of drinking their coffee such as containing antioxidants to boost health and the immune system.

Other benefits include the packaging, making it very easy to carry and having a great taste to it. Milk and sugar can be added to get a nice taste to it but the company guarantees a nice taste and aroma. Organo Gold products can be purchased right on their website or through Amazon.

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Alex Hern Believes XR Is The Future And Is Making It So

Augmented reality is a bit different than virtual reality though they are similar. According to an article on chronicleweek.com the two are distant cousins. Augmented reality is the real world around you with things added in. So you may be looking at the street you’re standing on, but a Velociraptor is coming at you. More companies are looking to use virtual reality to enhance their gaming experiences.

Of course, people use it for more practical purposes such as standing in a space and adding design elements. It allows you to see what the room would look like. Or it can be used to do a walk through on a project without actually having to be present.

Alex Hern the CEO of Tsunami XR is responsible for bringing Augmented Reality to life. According to an article on patch.com, Tsunami has two software suites that allow businesses to operate with XR and VR. The XR program is going to help company members across the world work together without having to travel. This is just the tip of the iceberg for what XR can do. Companies in everything from automotive to construction are starting to look at how virtual reality can help their bottom line.

Hern said in an interview that he wants XR to be at the forefront of his business soon. He believes it’s the future and the wave from Tsunami is already starting.

Alex Hern has been in the start-up game for over twenty-five years and continues to grow as an entrepreneur. Over the years he’s focused on growing technology companies and now has made great strides with Tsunami XR bringing augmented reality to construction have started businesses to help improve their production.

Alex Hern co-founded Inktomi which was sold to Yahoo and was on the board of several other big deal startups that sold for millions of dollars. Inktomi was a company that gave software to Internet Service Providers and was used by Amazon and eBay among other companies. Kern also co-founded Yesmail which helped companies with email marketing. He’s been at the forefront of technology for many years. There’s no doubt Tsunami XR is the way of the future.

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Scottish Media Personality Still Loved By Viewers and Readers

His writing career started at 16 when he left school and joined the Glasgow Herald. At first, reporters would call the newspaper and he would write down what they said. What they said would become articles in the newspaper. He was promoted at the newspaper to the point where he would be editing some of the feature pages.

His next step in his writing career was joining the London newspaper called The Daily Mirror in 1935. This was a good step in his career, but he did not like the atmosphere and lifestyle in London. After just a year, he quit the newspaper and returned to Glasgow, He did use his connections that he made in London to become a BBC radio correspondent in Glasgow.

In 1939, a collection of the Glasgow Herald articles were collected and published as a book titled Always a Little Further. It was nearly not published as the publisher called Faber took on subjects that only rich men are supposed to deal with. T.S. Was one of the directors at this publisher and insisted that that this book be published. It has been in print ever since.

His second book called Sans Peur, The History of the 5th (Caithness and Sutherland) Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders was published after he was a World War II solder in the 5th battalion called the Seaforth Highlanders. He participated in battles in Sicily, North Africa, France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany. In the book, he talks about the battles that he fought with the Seaforth Highlanders in World War II. Like his previous book, it has been print ever since, but it was retitled in 1994 as Sans Peur, The History of the 5th (Caithness and Sutherland) Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders. The critics did give this book rave reviews.

After these books, the author moved to TV in the 1960s where he managed to have 150 episodes that talked about a many different subjects.

This well-known media personality in Scotland died in 2003, but he is still remembered by readers and views.

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Mr. Marc D. Beer Steering the Wheel of Renovia Forward Ever

Mr. Marc D. Beer is a graduate from the University of Miami. He has a vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry because he has worked in several companies dealing with the same. He has held top positions in the pharmaceutical industries, which have helped him horn his skills. Among the companies that he has headed include Erytech Pharma and Good Start Genetics.


His zeal came after completing undergraduate studies where he ventured into the business world. His hard work and commitment saw him climb the career ladder and became one of the cherished directors in most of the companies he had worked for.


His leadership ability saw him open up Renovia Inc. His main vision was to ensure that the female patients suffering from the urinary treat incontinence received prompt treatment. He, therefore, he had to make his thoughts to a reality to enable the patients to lead a normal life without shame.


Marc’s vision received immense support from like-minded organizations, to make his principal object come true. Some of the companies, which supported his thoughts include Longwood Fund, Ascension Ventures of Missouri and The Perceptive Advisers of New York. Notably, the organizations donated $30 million towards Beer’s project.


The first product released by Renovia was Leva. The first release of the product was to check its effectiveness and make further improvements. Renovia is committed to creating awareness of pelvic floor disorders to the community. Besides, it aims to show affected people can heal from the disorder and later on lead a normal life. In this regard, Marchas established goals, which are easy to follow and implement.


Renovia Inc. has created income-generating opportunities for many people in New York City, where the company is based. This has led to its dynamic growth as it’s not only after making profits but also to better the lives of the surrounding community.


Marc D. Beer has given back to the community specifically the students. His skills have been of significant benefit to Notre Dame’s Research and Commercialization Advisory Committee and the Graduate Studies Research and Advisory Council. Besides, he encourages and inspires many graduates and those aspiring to join the business world.

Mr. Marc Beer guides his employees on what to do. He ensures that they have an in-depth knowledge of what and how they are supposed to treat their patients for better results. This has inspired his employees to follow suit in serving the community diligently. Learn more: https://www.slideshare.net/MarcBeer


Believes in Promoting Positive Banking

No matter what issues Nexbank runs into, they always make sure they put their clients first. The bank has a lot of experience with clients and they know how to put all the clients they have first. They also know the importance of making things easier for their clients so they spend a lot of time focusing on how they can make changes and what they need to do to bring attention to issues people might have with the things they’re doing. It’s important to the company to always show people they’re doing things differently. Thanks to the hard work they put into the business and the things that make them want to help others, they can give attention to more clients than other banks. For them to do all this, they have to make sure they’re focusing on the changes they can bring to different people and to the way they handle banking.

The banking industry is different from when Nexbank first started. There are new advances and new technology people can use that might make banking easier. Nexbank tries to keep up with these changes so they can give their clients a better experience. They also spend a lot of time trying to make people understand they have options they might not know about with the bank. By doing all this and remaining focused on how they can help, the bank sets themselves apart from other banks in the industry. It makes sense for them to keep helping their clients as long as they can give them new opportunities.

Nexbank even gets active in the community. Since they know the importance of helping people the right way in the banking industry, they feel good about helping out in the community. It makes sense for them to keep showing people what they can get from different areas of business. It also promotes a positive experience so more people have the chances they need to succeed while they’re doing business. Everything the company does goes back to how hard they work to promote the great relationship between clients and bankers in the community.

Dr. Saad Saad Works Tirelessly to Ensure the Revolution of the Pediatric Medical Sector through Research

Dr. Saad Saad came across a lot of challenges that were facing all the doctors in the United States. He found some medical equipment that were faulty while the others were inefficient and therefore could not perform their functions effectively.

The equipment were also obsolete, and hence they could cause some complications on the patients whenever they were used to perform some medical procedures on them.

This challenged Saad Saad because he believed that there existed a myriad of ways in which the processes in the pharmaceutical sector could be improved by developing more robust medical tools.

He embarked on some research that was intended to unravel all the faulty and obsolete devices that were prone to causing complications to the health of patients.

Dr. Saad Saad has recently proved to be one of the most experienced pediatricians in the medical sector in the whole of the United States. This is after working as a pediatric doctor for more than four decades.

Since he came out of the University of Cairo with a degree in medicine, Saad Saad flew to the United Kingdom where he went through some more training while undergoing his industrial attachment.

This was when he specialized in the pediatric medicine, and he became one of the few experts that had qualified at that moment. He then went to the United States where he kicked of his career as a pediatrician.

The main problem with the use of the catheter was at the insertion into the patient’s body and during the identification of the gadget’s location once it’s inside the body. To insert, a guide wire was used, which often tore while inside the body. Read more: When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad and Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

This would be very hazardous to the patients and would often result in some complications in their health conditions. To identify their locations, X-rays were used, and as we all know, consistent use of the same on patients often result in various cancers in the patients.

Saad Saad then embarked on the development of more enhanced devices to enhance the safety of the patients. Learn more about Dr Saad Saad: http://medicaldailytimes.com/doctors/hard-to-swallow-advice-from-dr-saad-saad/3663/

The catheter was a gadget that was used by almost all the medical practitioners for various functions that ranged from treating chronic diseases to performing some complex surgical procedure in the theater.

However, despite the usefulness of the device, it was associated with a lot of health complications on the patients who underwent treatment using the gadget. This was as a result of the procedures that were required to operate the device while inside the patients’ bodies.

Shiraz Boghani: The Superstar Of S.H.G.

Shiraz Boghani is a dynamic business owner. He is highly praised for his part in the hotel world. Mr. Boghani once was rewarded for the “Innkeeper of the Year” at the price of the Asia industry in 2016. As the current president of the Splendid Hospitality Group. Mr. Boghani manages the business development strategy and has a strong view of the team’s incursions into several different companies. Today, Mr. Boghani manages 19 private hotel shops, as well as the president of the wonderful Splendid Hospitality Group.

What The CEO of Splendid Hospitality Group Has To Say About Mr. Boghani

Stuart Bailey, the CEO of the great Splendid Hospitality Group, said that Mr. Shiraz has played an important role in stimulating the company’s current location under the fast-growing private group in the United Kingdom. Shiraz Boghani is a talented entrepreneur and business leader in hotels, health care, real estate, and finance. Read more on crunchbase.com

Shiraz’s Role As The V.P. of S.H.G.

As Vice President of the Splendid Hospitality Group, Mr. Boghani is heavily involved in the strategy of the business, including the acquisition, negotiation of franchise contracts and the protection of bank debts. The hospitality is the second nature of the Shiraz, who was raised in his family company before entering the world of corporate hospitality. Mr. Boghani has taken various roles as head office managers with brands such as Aloft, Holiday Inn, Ramada, and Crowne Plaza before joining the Splendid Hotels Group in 2016.


Shiraz Boghani is an effective professional who is associated with a few well-known companies. People are aware Mr. Boghani’s accomplishments among the British hospitality sector. Shiraz is one of the pioneers of the limited service hotels in 1990. Shiraz Boghani is a well-known face in the United States business circles, and is popular with its community service-oriented initiatives.

Visit  https://about.me/shiraz_boghani.

How OSI Industries Has Been Taking Over The Food Market For Half A Century

For the past half century, OSI industries has been continuously taking over the food market by expanding its operations in each wake. For instance, in 2016 the company enlarged its processes in Chicago after the purchase of a food processing facility storage that was previously owned by Tyson Foods.

The facility lies on a 20,000 piece of land and is strategically situated in one of its many properties. Apart from its convenient location, the fact that it is extra big offers enough space for OSI to meet the needs of its ever-growing customer base. This explains why the firm’s management is particularly enthusiastic about this new purchase. However, the group only announced the acquisition of this new property but did not release the specific terms of the sale. Before Tyson group transferred the ownership of this asset to OSI industries, it used it as a plant for its prepared food operations, but that was later put it up for sale in 2015 saying that, it would help to improve its productivity.

Besides the Chicago based Tyson plant, OSI industries also acquired a stake in Baho food in 2016. Again this acquisition is just part of OSI’s expansion plans. According to the company’s spokesperson, the acquisition of stakes in Baho foods will help OSI expand into Europe.

Why Baho Foods?

Baho Food is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of deli meats, snacks and also convenience foods in Europe. The fact that it already has a well-established market is one of the factors that fueled OSI to acquire the firm as it will help to expand the firm’s customer base. Baho Foods has five subsidiaries located in different parts of Germany and Netherlands which provides a bigger market for OSI industries.

Apart from its two acquisitions, OSI also made two more acquisitions in 2016 adding up to its list of assets, and also helping it inch closer to its goal of becoming a world leader in the food processing industries. The other two acquisitions include Flagship Europe and OSI food solutions Spain.

About OSI industries

Even though it is one of the most renowned food processing firms today, OSI began as a small food market located in Illinois in 1909. It was established by Otto Kochowlsky and back then it was known as Otto & Sons. However, through determination and great leadership, it has grown into the food giant we see today.

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OSI Group’s Global Expansion Strategies

OSI Group is a privately owned food manufacturing, and processing company started in 1909 in Oakland, Chicago. The company has more than 65 branches in 17 countries globally and specializes in products associated with beef, pork, poultry, sauces, dips, and Condiments to name but a few. The company takes significant steps to reach its customers. The measures include the opening of new plants, buying, collaborating with other like-minded partners, and renovating the older plants to boost their production.

In the recent years, the company has used these tactics in both the domestic and international expansions. The success in the initiatives is because of excellent management skills of Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald. Sheldon is the Chairperson and the Chief Executive Office while David is the President and Chief Executive Officer.

Locally, OSI Group purchased Tyson Foods in 2017 to boost the North American access. Tyson Foods had a space of 200,000 square feet and OSI saw that as an opportunity to get space for more expansion. Even though Tyson Foods specialized in poultry products, the group intended to use that space to introduce more products in the plant’s production lines. Internationally, the company reached out to Creative Foods formerly called Flagship Europe to cater to the European market. Creative had previously collaborated with Calder Foods, which specialized in sandwich fillings, sauces, and dips. It meant that the collaboration between OSI and Creative Foods boosted the market in a big way. Additionally, OSI acquired Baho Foods, which has five subsidiaries in Germany and the Netherlands to cater to the European market. Due to Baho Industry’s presence in over eighteen countries across Europe, the acquisition meant that OSI Group strengthened the ability to serve its customers.

OSI Group decided to boost the production of its plant in Toledo Spain to increase its production and cater for Spanish supplies. The plant was initially producing 12,000 tons of poultry products annually, but after renovations, the plant doubled the output to 24,000 tons annually. Additionally, since the plant also specializes in other products, the total annual production rose to 45,000 tons annually. The company installed high productions lines, made expansions in the production and storage units to achieve the targets. It also came up with the idea of using the heat produced by the production system and refrigerators to boil water as a way of reducing electricity consumption. For best results, OSI set up a quality control kitchen to ensure the products met the customers’ expectations.

Find more about OSI Group: https://www.monster.com/jobs/c-osi-group.aspx

Dr. Saad Saad, a Pediatric Surgeon and a Family Man

Dr. Saad Saad is not only a great U. S. Board Certified Pediatric Surgeon who has accomplished much in his extensive career, but he is also a family man with several children whom he adores greatly. Because of his love and devotion to his children, Dr. Saad Saad quit his job as the Saudi Royal Family’s pediatric surgeon after only having worked in Saudi Arabia for several years to return to America so that his children could receive an American education.

In America, Dr. Saad Saad found employment at the K Hovnanian Children Hospital as the children hospital’s co-director and surgeon-in-chief. Dr. Saad Saad’s job duties at the children hospital include treated and operating on the hapless children found themselves swallow with a foreign object stuck in either their trachea or esophagus and experiencing trouble breathing, trouble swallowing, and wheezing.

Dr. Saad Saad was born a Palestinian in the 1940’s at a time of great agitation in the Middle East, but because of the rise of Israel found himself rendered a Palestinian refugee living in the neighboring country of Kuwait.

Dr. Saad Saad is a medical graduate of the Cairo University in Egypt, where he excelled in his medical studies finishing the medical school ranked second in his class. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: https://doctor.webmd.com/doctor/saad-saad-md-3d5f8ce5-a764-4c86-b201-e50ec51cd7f2-overview and https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Saad_Saad.html

Dr. Saad Saad was also the Saudi Royal Family’s personal pediatric surgeon for several years in the 1980s before family obligations forced him into returning to the States, where his finished his brilliant career as a U. S. Board Certified Pediatric Surgeon at the K Hovnanian Children Hospital.

When a child puts a foreign object in his/her mouth, most of the time the object exit the body natural in a day or so. Occasionally, the foreign object gets stuck causing blockage either in the trachea or esophagus, which leads to trouble breathing, trouble swallowing, and wheezing. If the freakish does happen and attempts made to remove the stuck object ends in frustration to the intervener, take the kid to the emergency room forthrightly.

Dr. Saad prescribes 3 absolutes: one, never scoop the foreign object out of the child’s body as this very often pushes the foreign further down causing further blockage rather than its removal from the child’s body; two, don’t let children under the age of 2 have any hot dogs; and three, don’t let children under the age of 7 have any peanuts.