CEO of CP+B Global Lori Senecal To Retire at the End of 2017

In a report by Fast Company, Lori Senecal is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CP+B Global and will exit her current role at the end of the year. Senecal took on this role in 2015 and at the time this was a new role for the company that had just been created. Senecal has helped the CP+B Global company become a global startup and her flexibility has helped the company grow into an international company. The highlight of Senecal’s tenure with CP+B Global was landing American Airlines in October of 2015 as the account was taken away from TM Advertising after using their services for over 25 years. The structure is in place as Senecal moves on to and leaves Danielle Aldrich in her position from before.

According to Adweek, Lori Senecal is the Global CEO of CP+B Global who will retire from that position at the end of 2017. Senecal is an alumnus of McGill University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing & Finance. Prior to her job as Global CEO of CP+B Global she served as the President & CEO of the MDC Partner Network where she was responsible for driving the strategic vision of the company and deepened MDC’s unique model and working with the DMC partner agencies to fuel growth and cross-collaboration throughout the network. Under Senecal’s leadership, the company went from having about 250 domestic agency workers to over 900 workers.

Moreover, Lori Senecal has experience in many past international ad agencies and retires having overseen an agency that handles over $700 million in billings from high-profile clients including the likes of BMW, Diageo, and Panasonic. The company also has more than 300 current employees. This is the company that Senecal has helped build and has served as the CEO. For all of her hard work Lori Senecal was named one of 2014’s “Women to Watch” by the Advertising Age. In 2013, Senecal was honored with the AWNY Game Changer with a Quantum Leap award for her leadership and innovation in her work. Lori Senecal has also been a member of the Ad Council Board of Directors as well.


The CTRMA Works to Bring in New Transportation Options

In a world that is driven by technology, Mike Heiligenstein is able to recognize that a few things are necessary to make the CTRMA work more efficiently.

The first thing that the organization started to use was the ability to track traffic through an application that they created. This app gives users real-time information on things that are going on around the area and what they can do to make sure that they are going to be able to take advantage of the options in that area.

It is something that the authority has been working on for a few years and it will help people to find the best route when they are commuting through the area.

This, along with the recent addition of ridesharing services, has helped to make CTRMA more modern than what it has ever been. This is also something that has made it easier for people to get to and from locations in Central Texas.

They are able to utilize ridesharing opportunities. The app has now made it easy for the rideshare providers to find out the fastest way to get their customers where they need to be within the area.

Mike Heiligenstein is in charge of many things at the CTRMA. While he did not necessarily develop this app, he was one of the major forces that put the app into play. It was something that made it easier for him to get the most out of different situations and something that made it better for people to get exactly what they needed from each of these situations.

The CTRMA is now able to take advantage of all of the things that he has come up with and the people in the area are moving more freely throughout the city. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

The new things that are in place in Central Texas are now able to help people out. They are intended to create a better flow of traffic and to make things easier for people to get around.

Whether they are driving themselves, taking advantage of rideshares or doing anything else, the CTRMA has worked to provide opportunities for people to get exactly where they need to be in the cities and other areas that are located all within the Central Texas region.

Mike Heiligenstein is there to thank for all of the opportunities that he has with the people who have made these changes.

Excellent Dental Care With Dr. Chris Villanueva

When you need excellent dental care, it begins with hiring a high quality dentist who can serve you with any help that you require. In this regard, Dr. Chris Villanueva with MB2 Dental has exactly what you need. By taking advantage of the care that he provides, you will not be at the mercy of gingivitis, tartar, cavities and other issues that can ruin your smile and your dental health as a whole. With this in mind, make sure that you consider these three advantages of doing business with MB2 Dental and Dr. Chris Villanueva, so that you can stop in for any appointment as soon as possible.


#1: Dr. Villanueva is educated, licensed and at your service


The greatest benefit of reaching out to this practice is that you are in good hands under the guidance of a very skilled dentist. You can’t afford to do business with a dental practitioner that is not at the top of the game. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to Dr. Villanueva, because he experienced at every facet of dentistry and will be more than happy to assist you.


#2: MB2 Dental comes highly recommended


Just check around to learn a little bit about the Internet reputation of this dental practice. There have been so many articles and positive reviews written about them, which is a testament to their professionalism and friendly service. You will be greeted with a kind smile as they work hard on fixing yours.


#3: Your oral health care will be so much better because of the help of these professionals


Finally, it is very important to realize that you would never get the best dentistry that you need unless you have access to the best dentists around. If you live in the area and what the help of high quality professionals, look no further than this practice. By scheduling an appointment with Dr. Villanueva, you will quickly see why he is highly reputed and able to serve you with any sort of oral health care needs that you could possibly have.


When you think about these three issues, it becomes clear that MB2 Dental has exactly what you need to make the most out of your dental care. Thankfully, you are only an appointment away from getting this excellent service. Do your due diligence and reach out to this practice today.

Success Academy’s Excellence Explained

Most people are inquiring about the on goings at success academy. This results from the results posted by one of their student Eva Moskowitz who belongs to the New York City Charter Schools. According to the results of last year, 29% of the students were proficient in English while 35% in math when the state’s challenging core aligned exam. The success students posted a proficiency rate of 64% for English and what astonished people the most was the 94% results in math. These results showed kids in the poorer communities outdoing the well to do suburb kids. It showed that if this network was a single school it would top the charts as the best school in math and English. It would in fact be in the top one percent in math and top three percent in English.

The first Success Academy School opened in 2006. It is a network of 32 schools that serve more than 9000 students. The network comprises of 24 elementary level schools, middle school from grade 5 to eight are 7 in number and there is also one new high school. It is planned that in a span of one more year 13 schools will be opened. It is possible that the school network will have 21000 thousand students in their system. This represents about 2 percent of the entire 1.1 million New York City student whose total number is 1.1 million.

This stellar performance is stunning, as no other known charter institution has had such rapid growth. It has been a desire to find out what has been transpiring at Success, which triggered several visits to the different schools and a series of interviews with students, teachers and directors of the various schools. The research also led to interactions with former teachers, parents and other relevant critics. These communications have also taken place via email with most exchanges happening through the communications director one Ms. Ann Powell.

The difference is that the success occurs due to a unique focus that guarantees success.

How Betsy DeVos Helps Children

Betsy DeVos has dedicated the majority of her career to helping children and to giving them the best life possible. She has worked hard to make sure that things are possible for children no matter what their life is like and where they have come from. She has also done what she can to be able to show children that they have the right to a great education. No matter what they have in their family lives or the place where they have come from, DeVos wants to make sure that they are able to get a great education. She also knows that a public education is not always the best chance for every single kid. She has been working to fight for options for all children so that they will have a chance to be able get a great education. She wants children to have the same options that she had.

As a child, DeVos received the best private education possible. This was because her parents had the money to afford it and it was something that helped her get ahead in the career that she had. It was also something that she thought everyone should have a chance at so that they would be able to get a great education with the options that they had. Betsy DeVos wanted to see all children have a private education if that is what worked for them but she knew that most people were unable to afford a private education for their children. Read more about their foundation at

There were many times when Betsy DeVos had to fight for the right to be able to help other children who could not afford a lot of money on an education. She developed programs like voucher options and even charter schools for people who are in poor economic situations. She did this so that children would have the chance to go to a better school. The creation of each of these programs meant that poor children had the chance to go to a different school or to be able to get the education that they deserved to be able to have.

It was a no-brainer for Betsy DeVos to start her own foundation. Not only does the foundation help her to reach children who she can help with the educational programs but it also helps to make the communities better. She has used her foundation to give more opportunities to both children and adults who need to have a chance at a better education, a better job and even a better life. The DeVos’ foundation has allowed them to reach many people and help them with new opportunities. She is philanthropic about the education and betterment of children and families around the country. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table.


UKV-PLC is an independent wine company that purchases and sells wines and champagne to businesses and individuals. Their selection is superior because they are not tied to one supply chain. Their guide to French wine suggest that consumers learn about the different regions of France and the type of wines they produce.

The climate, soil, temperatures, topography, type of grapes used and growing methods all contribute to the quality of the wine. The regions covered in the UKV PLC French wine guide are Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, and Loire. Each region produces exceptional wines.

Burgundy is a small region that uses only two type of grapes Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. It has five wine growing regions that produces wine. Some of the white wines produced are Chardonnay, Chablis, and Montrachet. The main red wine produced is Pinot Noir.

Read more on Crunchbase.

Bordeaux wines are primarily red made with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Their red wines are medium to full bodied in flavors. Fruit flavors range from tart to sweet. Some of their red wines are blends of several grapes. Bordeaux has three growing regions.

The Champagne region of France has over 75,000 acres of vineyard. They are known for producing sparkling wine and champagne. The cold climate has led wine makers to use a double fermentation method that produces superior champagne and sparkling wines. The second fermentation raises the alcohol level and adds bubbles.

Loire produces a wide variety of red and white wines with 87 appellations along the Loire River. The Loire region produces sweet white wines like Chenin Blanc, dry rose, sparkling wines, and light or full bodied white or red. Contact UKV PLC to learn more about how their wine consultants can help you purchase wine for your business or own collection.

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Copa Star Hospital:Providing Brazilians With World-Class Health Care

Copa Star Hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is one of South America’s top medical facilities. The recently opened facility offers innovative medical care provided by top-notch, experienced medical professionals using the latest, cutting-edge equipment. The world-class care it offers its patients has attracted South Americans from the highest social strata. The hospital was founded by the D’Or network which currently manages about 22 executive hospitals. The organization’s president Jorge Molly says Copa Star Hospital offers its clients five-star services.

The high-end health care offered throughout the world’s leading countries has long been in demand in South America. Copa Star Hospital provides that level of care. This is improves the outcomes for patients with a wide range of health conditions in Brazil and elsewhere in South America. The facility offers state-of-the-art amenities including the best diagnostic machines and first-class accommodations. Through the work of the D’Or network, more patients in Brazil now have access to some of the best medical care in the world. The company plans to build similar five-star facilities throughout the country.


The hospital’s primary objective is to ensure all patients receive excellent medical services and great hospitality in comfortable surroundings. The doctors, nurses and technicians are trained to handle a wide range of medical conditions and receive on-going training and education to constantly improve their skills. Copa Star Hospital’s ultra-modern medical amenities ensure the patients will be properly diagnosed and treated. The hospital environment is well-organized and spotlessly clean and offers the peace and tranquility that enhances the therapeutic environment and speeds recovery.

The level of privacy is second to none and the facility is luxurious. It is designed to meet the needs of presidents, celebrities and other public figures seeking the best treatment with intrusion from prying eyes. Copa Star has the best cardiac and neurological diagnostic machines in its 59 immaculately maintained intensive care units. Patients have 24 hour a day access to their doctors, nurses and loved ones through the use of the tablet computers they are issued upon registration. The medical facility uses state-of-the-art technology to control all of its operations.

At Copa Star Hospital patients can use the iPads they are issued not only for communication, but also to control the light, temperature and other things in their private rooms to ensure they are as comfortable as possible. It is this type of advanced technology along with the high quality care patients receive that give the medical facility its five-star rating. When people throughout Brazil and the rest of South America want the best medical care possible provided by world-class physicians, nurses, technicians and support staff, all they have to do is visit Brazil’s top medical facility, Copa Star Hospital. Read more on Side Tech.

Mikhail Blagosklonny Educational and Work History

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a respected scientist who is based in the United States. Blagosklonny went for his education at the First Pavlov state in an institution known as Medical University. He specialized in experimental medicine and cardiology. After attaining his Ph.D. from this institution, Mikhail started practicing medicine. He has done very well in his career, especially in cancer and aging.

In 2002, Mikhail was hired to work as an associate professor in an institution known as New York Medical College. The prestigious Ordway Research Institute also appointed Mikhail to work as a senior scientist. He served in these establishments for a several years before getting an opportunity to work at the well-known Roswell Park Cancer Institute. At Roswell, the successful scientist acts as a professor of oncology, and he has achieved a lot due to his dedication and hard work. Visit ResearchGate to keep up to date with Mikhail’s latest work.

While studying for his higher education, Mikhail specialized in appropriate cancer therapies that play a significant role in protecting the healthy cells in the body from damage when a patient is undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The respected scientist also learned about different aging mechanism and anti-aging therapies. Mikhail was also interested in cellular and molecular clinical studies. The scientist has shown a great concern for cell cycle, anti-cancer therapeutics, and cellular senescence.

Since childhood, Mikhail Blagosklonny had a special interest in cancer and anti-aging therapies. This passion drove him to study postulated theories and their role in aging and diseases. After a lot of research in the industry, the scientist proposed a special drug known as Rapamycin for cancer treatment and the expansion of life.

When he is not working at the Roswell Park Institute, Mikhail loves doing editorial work for several medical journals. Some of the journals he has worked with include cell cycle and Oncotarget. In his career, Mikhail has written more than 170 research articles and journals about cancer and anti-aging therapies. These publications have done very well in the market, and they have transformed the lives of many people in the world. At the Roswell Park, the scientist has used his expertise in the field to ensure that students acquire knowledge in the medical field. Check Mikhail’s profile in LinkedIn

Kim Dao Shows Tips On How To Survive A Japanese Winter

Winters in Japan are tough on people trying to stay warm and is also very harsh on skin. Kim Dao recently posted a video on her YouTube channel which offers tips to making it through winters there in good shape.

Kim Dao’s first tip is to get a hand warmer which you can stick your hands in when out and about. She says you can get reusable hand warmers that you can stick the gel packets into which makes the heat last a lot longer. She also recommends using thermals in the winter which she wears under her other clothing.

Kim Dao is a big fan of heat packs. She sticks one on her stomach every day when she goes outside during the winter. On really cold days she also sticks one on her lower back.

Keeping your skin moisturized in the winter in Japan can be tough. Kim Dao recommends using a sugar scrub which really helps keep moisture in. She also uses an exfoliating soap which keeps Kim Dao’s skin looking and feeling good. She also uses body butter after her shower which is very moisturizing.

Another tip that Kim Dao learned from a friend was to apply baby oil to her skin which keeps skin from drying out all day long, plus it helps to hold heat in. Additionally, Kim Dao really recommends drinking hot drinks during Japanese winters, especially hot tea. It’s great not just for warming you up but tea is also a very healthy drink.

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Robert Santiago, the Brazilian Tycoon behind Manaira Shopping Mall

Robert Santiago is a Brazilian developer renowned for ownership of the Manaira shopping mall, the biggest shopping center in Paraiba and one of the largest upmarket mall in Brazil. The mall has several entertainment venues and Gourmet space, which makes it an excellent place to have some family fun.

In addition, Robert Santiago owns Mangeira Shopping mall, which is a contemporary center, and a cartonage company. With this investments, Santiago’s career as a businessperson is very promising. He is also passionate about sports and has several trophies to his name in motocross and kart competitions.

The Leisure Hub Manaira Shopping Mall

Being the largest shopping mall in Joao Pessoa, Manaira shopping mall is not short of fun-pact activities that suit different customers.

When it comes to entertainment, the shopping mall has a movie theatre, bowling alley, electronic amusement park and a ballroom. All these activities have ensured that Manaira stays at the top of the list of venues to attend if you are in need of some fun times and good entertainment.

An assortment of entertainment spots

One of the main attractions of the Manaira shopping mall is the cinema. The mall has 11 rooms sufficed with modish and up-to-date amenities.

Furthermore, the shopping mall includes 3D rooms, VIP rooms, and it brings about the stadium kind of theme in the manner in which the seats are organized. This improves visibility at the cinema, ensuring that everyone gets a unique and exciting way of watching a movie.

The venue also includes bar service sufficed with gourmet popcorn, candy and drinks to suits the tastes of different customers.

If that not good enough for you, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall also brings to light the concept of having an electronic amusement park, known as the Game Station. The Game Station has 200 machines and covers 1800 square meters, which has been set aside for the ballroom and games. The shopping mall also incorporates an automated bowling alley, which magnifies the feeling of playing the game. Read more on

Gourmet spot

This spot is ideal for people who love spending time with their families. It includes a steak and hamburger joint and a food court, which is bound to satisfy your taste buds.

Domus Hall

Finally the icing o the cake is the Domus Hall on top of Manaira Shopping that has hosted several concerts since its launch over seven years ago. The house has played host to big names in the music industry including Jorge Mario da Silva and Ana Carolina.

While these are just some of the attractions at the mall, there are still more great things to experience rather than just talking about them. Better still, Robert Santiago does not seem to stop anytime soon in his ambition to grow his business empire while offering his esteemed customers great services and products.

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